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I'm ashamed to say I was one of the people who doubted this show. I didn't necessarily hate the idea, but judging from the trailer it just wasn't appealing at the time. I'm glad that it proved me wrong though and now I have another must watch TV show to add to my list. With that being said, there will be quite a few reviews/recaps for me to be writing throughout the week. Here's what I thought about the pilot.

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The Story:

Kara is sent by her parents to protect her baby cousin Kal-El (en route to Earth) right before their planet Krypton explodes. We all know what happened to Superman, but Kara is knocked off course and into the Phantom Zone. We see her emerge years later with Kal-El being a fully grown man and her still being a young girl. He takes her to the Danvers, who are aware of his powers and they raise her. The next thing we know she is grown up and working for Cat Grant. She then meets Jimmy Olsen, a new hire from Metropolis, and Superman's good friend. Just as soon as Kara begins her superhero career, the villain Vartox wrecks havoc on National City. Kara saves a plane with her sister Alex on board, making her presence known to the people of the city. She tells her secret to her friend Winn who helps her hone her skills and makes her suit. She finds out that her sister works for the DEO, a unit specializing in taking down aliens and other beings like her. The director of the DEO is Hank Henshaw who takes an immediate dislike to Kara. This upsets Kara, finding out about her sisters double life. Her first encounter with Vartox is unsuccessful, with him outmatching her with pure strength and combat skills. With the help of her sister, she is able to defeat him the next time using a combination of her flying, strength and heat ray vision. Just as she is about to question him, he warns her of what's to come, before killing himself with a shard from his axe Kara destroyed. Jimmy meets Kara on the roof of CatCo, who intends to tell him her secret. He reveals that he already knows and that Superman sent him there to aid her. He hands her a super durable cape from her cousin Clark, and she flies away, becoming Supergirl.

The Action:

I honestly did not think there was going to be that much action in this pilot at all. The first action sequence is when Kara saves the plane at the very beginning. Watching that just had me shivering from the epicness. From her leveling the plane, to fitting it right through the little passage between the bridge and landing it in the water. It looked awesome, to say the least.

Next we have the fight scenes between Kara and Vartox. That guy was straight brutal and had no trouble tossing her around like a rag doll. The choreography of the fights themselves were fantastic.

We also see her use her super strength, speed, flight and heat vision to take out her first villain. She also uses her super hearing and X-ray vision throughout the episode. The effects were really good especially for a TV show.


Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El/Supergirl: I've only seen Melissa Benoit in a few films so I was interested to see her take on the character. I'm a huge Smallville fan so I've always stuck to Laura Vandervoort's portrayal of her. Both are great, but Melissa's version is a lot more mature and I actually really like that. Her secret identity is similar to Clark's geeky persona and I think Melissa does her role justice. She's beautiful, a total nerd with glasses on, and an ass kicking superhero all at once. I can not wait to see how her character develops as the show progresses. I also can not wait to see which ability she picks up next.

The Danvers: We only see her adoptive parents at the beginning of the episode. It was such a nostalgic moment to see Dean Cain and Helen Slater who have portrayed Superman and Supergirl respectively, being her new parents. I hope we get to see more of them in future episodes.

Alex Danvers: Kara's adoptive sister Alex turns out to be working with Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) run by Hank Henshaw. She strained her relationship with Kara after lying about her job. Sisterly love prevails and they work together to stop Vartox. She obviously loves her sister very much and does everything to protect her and her secret. Even it meant standing up to Hank. It will be interesting to see how working with the DEO will continue to affect her and Kara's relationship.

Winslow "Winn" Schott Jr. : He shares the same name of DC Comics Toyman and is Kara's partner in crime. He is definitely into Kara, but she doesn't seem to feel the same way about him. Kara tells Winn her secret and they work together to get Kara into the crime fighting game. I wonder when his father will come around and if he is the Toyman we know from the comics. I like his character though, he quick and witty.

James Olsen: This character is what got most of the flack once the trailer came out. He's not at all like the Jimmy Olsen we've grown up with, but he's great. Regardless of what people say, his different take on the role worked for me. James seems like a strong and smart individual. Kara took an instant liking to him, so we will have to see where that goes. He also revealed that Clark had essentially sent him to help Kara on her quest to become Supergirl. I sense some rivalry between him and Winn over Kara down the line though. His character is great though and it's nice to see someone who isn't totally oblivious to everything.

Hank Henshaw: He's not Cyborg Superman yet, but he's already gotten underneath my skin. He's the head honcho of the DEO and doesn't like aliens let alone working with one. Even though he is convinced by Alex to trust Kara in taking down Vartox, he still had his tough guy act going. Will he learn to be get along with Kara or will he turn into her greatest enemy as the story continues? We will have to see.

Vartox: He is Kara's first real villain for this episode. He was a formidable enemy for her, easily matching her in strength and was the first person to harm her. He carried around an axe that apparently had some sort of energy stored within to wound her. Yes he was a villain of the week, but he was a solid one. Before he kills himself with a piece of the axe Kara destroyed he warns her of what's to come. We also know that he was working for Kara's aunt Astra who wants to bring her down.

Cat Grant: i don't really have anything to say other than it's Calista Flockhart. She rocked the role and is always a pleasure seeing her on screen. Even though her character belittles our beloved Kara every scene they share. If she only knew.


I only had one little problem with this episode and that was when Kara said "Kryptonese". I always thought that the language or writing was referred to as "Kryptonian" from watching Smallville and reading comics. That's not too big a deal though.

What's To Come/Theories:

Kara's got her own little team going with Jimmy and Winn by her side. From the previews of the next episode, it looks like we will be meeting Hellgrammite. I hope he is not a one and done villain like Vartox was. We will hopefully be seeing more of Kara's aunt Astra. Looks like we won't be seeing her cousin Clark any time soon.

Final Thoughts:

This was honestly an amazing pilot episode. Like I said before I am ashamed that I even doubted this show. Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg are attached and they do Flash and Arrow. Two amazing shows on their own. This is another one to add to my favorites list and I am excited to see what's next after what was shown here. There is a lot more action and the characters are portrayed so well, so give this show a chance. Seeing that the show garnered nearly 13 million viewers, it looks like Supergirl is off to a great start. What did you think about the pilot? Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them! Thanks for reading.


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