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hey guys this is the speculation and leaked things fo what wb games montreal

1 almost confirmed th first out off the 2 games

superman game

or course ideas

the main vllains i want the main villains o be brainac and doomsday why couse think that that is the choice is coue the art

side villains

general zod

lex luthor



and others that i wont do comic book research about right now

people on your side

louse laine

your momfrom earth

jor-el ghost

luara your real mom her ghost


jimmy olson first they dont believe i n you but a little bit latr everyone in the city will love you and be fans off you

the cast

nolan north kal-el/clark kent /superman

ashley greene as louise lane

troy baker as general zod

john noble as bizaro

omacs unknown

andthe other character hey can hoose on their own be a decent cast

the story

i want the origin again but i want to see him trael t earth in the beginning and the same for khara aka supergirl and the story how jonathan kent died in flashback

the green arrow game

which i will discss next time


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