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Welcoming the Unwelcome.

There are those who ship Barry and Iris, and there are those who ship Barry and Caitlin.

In an episode absent of Ronnie, and full of Barry/Iris moments, Jay Garrick is singled out as a not so shoddy option. A speedster himself, is this the writers’ way of offering fans a consolation prize? Or will Jay Garrick’s presence be short-lived?

For the meantime, last week’s episode established that Jay Garrick will stay around until the end of Zoom, and I have never wanted a story-line to be dragged out for an entire season, so much before. It may be the strange similarities I draw between Jay and Westley from the Princess Bride, but I hope I’m not Jay’s only fan in the Flash fandom.

Meanwhile, this episode sees the return of Captain Cold; who is presumably kidnapped when his sister; Lisa, comes to the Star Labs team for help.

With more drama than predicted, the exploration of the father figure and mentor is once more, leant against the darker side. With his sister at risk, Cold must team up with his criminal father, who threatens Cold with a bomb implanted in Lisa’s brain.

With this situation at hand, Cold has to balance the safety of his sibling by working both with, and against Barry Allen.

With the imminent premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Cold’s character development in this episode hopefully marks the beginning of a redemptive, coming of age tale, to make Cold a hero…or legend.

Upon murdering his Father after learning that Lisa is safe, Cold is unapologetically transferred to the Meta prison wing. For what may be the end of Snart’s role in The Flash at least, Barry has one last encounter with Snart to aid in the set up of Snart’s destiny, as one of the Legends of Tomorrow.

Barry: “Today just proved what I’ve always known, there’s good in you Snart, and you don’t have to admit it to me, but there’s a part of you that knows that you don’t have to let your past define you. A part of you that really wants to be more than just a criminal”

Cold: “So I should be a hero like you barry, what exactly does that pay again”
Barry: “It’s just a matter of time, something you’ll have a lot of in here”.

He may not be a hero, but he’ll become a legend and that, is rightly, down to time - Or Rip Hunter; Time Lord anyway.

Continuing with addictive plot developments, Season 2 continues to reassert itself in the absence of some most loved characters.

With some moments between Iris and Barry, Patti Spivet shares a chemistry with the Speedster that may hold off any hopes shippers may have, for now.

For any fans that bore witness to the chemistry between Caitlin and Barry in the series opener, writers are seemingly headed towards Jay Garrick as an equally worthy consolation prize.

In Ronnie’s absence; whether permanent or not, it seems that Caitlin can once more, be shipped with the Flash…sort of.

Whilst technically not a speedster in Earth 1, I had assumed that this was due to Barry’s fulfilment of his role, whereas meta-humans were still sand-men as their equivalents continued to be boring arsonists in Earth 1. Upon learning that Zoom has taken his powers from him, Zoom’s motives not only seem to involve murder but theft, in the search for power.

Did Zoom become a speedster in the same science experiment gone wrong, that transformed Jay? If Jay Garrick also gained his speed from the particle accelerator explosion in Earth 2, how is Star Labs a commercial success in Earth 2, or is it Earth 2 at all? I am still hesitant as to whether Wells is destined to fall to the same fate as his other-self. Upon remembering that Wells of Earth 1 was Eobard Thane; it is important to wonder whether the new Wells has any relation to Zoom at all.

Also on the horizon, is Cisco and Lisa; although I have a feeling their brief coupling lent itself more to the complexity in defining good and evil; and the possible transformation of Cisco into Vibe.

Perhaps a little premature in suspecting Cisco as evil in last week’s episode, Stein’s ‘episode’ definitely lends itself to the eventual return of Ronnie. Whilst the Blue flames that erupted from Stein last week are presumed to be due to the absence of Ronnie; or someone to merge with, is it possible that this is how we will welcome Killer Frost? Blue being a cold colour, Ronnie could be aiding Earth 2 Caitlin in controlling her darker side as per the comics’ narrative. Her entrance could come with the return of Ronnie, or in the search for a similar being, i.e. his replacement, to feed off.

Another threat to emotions; setting singularities aside, is the undead Mrs West. Iris may have taken the news of her Mother’s return from the grave refreshingly well, but her intentions seem far from motherly.

In a surprising turn, the episode ends with the return of Harrison Wells. Whether he be another Pseudo-Wells, real Wells, real Wells that is evil and is Zoom, or a real Wells from yet another Earth, we have yet to confirm.

Familial tension awry, the Flash season 2 is looking to be unrelenting, in its blows to the team. With case-of-the-week fears calmed for now, character development seems to be a focal point this season.

Will Captain Cold make another appearance before his debut in the new DC series?

Episode 4 of The Flash airs tonight on the CW!

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