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Bindi Irwin has long been the fan favorite during this season of Dancing with the Stars, and these past few dances have seen her and partner Derek Hough become the undeniable frontrunners as well. They may have been leading the pack for a while, but after achieving a perfect score from last week's Dirty Dancing tribute, Bindi and Derek are now a full-blown force of nature.

I mean, look at that lift. These two clearly know that they're flying high above the competition.

For this week, with the theme being Halloween, the dominating duo chose to create their spookiest dance yet, and the judges were loving the result.

They danced an Argentine tango as dramatic vampires

And Bindi has never been more in character.

The dreamy landscape provided the perfect chance for her to steal the show

And Bindi wasted no time doing just that.

This move alone was enough to make the judges' jaws drop

And drop they did, considering that Bindi and Derek received perfect 10s across the board! With another top-notch score, this adorable pair continues to be the ones to beat!

Watch the full spellbinding performance right here!

(Source: ABC)


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