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Sunday night's match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell brought up a very ancient question by the WWE Universe; were the Superstars blading?

For the uninitiated, blading in professional wrestling is the practice of intentionally cutting oneself to inflict bleeding. A wrestler will use a blade, usually hidden within his wrist tape, to cut open his forehead. This act is usually done a good length into the match so the blood can mix with the sweat on the wrestlers face, giving them the proverbial "crimson mask" effect. Wrestlers have to be careful where they cut as one botched blade can result in extreme blood loss and eventual passing out.

Both superstars stole the show in their Hell in a Cell epic, using all parts of the ring to inflict pain on one another, including tearing up the ring floor itself and hitting each other on the wooden boards below! Midway throughout the match, both superstars were bleeding profusely from their heads, leaving many wondering if the wounds were legitimate or the result of a good old fashioned blading job.

Amid all the rumours, one eagle eyed fan was able to pin point the exact moment Lesnar may have cut himself open.

Adding more fuel to the fire, these graphic pictures show Lesnar being treated for the wound he sustained during the bout. The pattern of the cut certainly looks like the direction his glove was moving in.

This wouldn't be the first time Lesnar has had to deal with blading claims, as it was reported he bladed during his main event title defence at Wrestlemania 31.

The aftermath

With WWE aiming at a PG audience, they have to make sure that the nature of their shows are PG at all times. The bloody outcome of the bout, mixed with the claims of blading, have made CEO Vince McMahon furious.

McMahon has previously edited out several of Lesnar's mature actions in the past such as swearing at Wrestlemania; continuous metal chair head shots; and his middle finger controversy at Summerslam. While those actions are easy to edit out, that amount of blood will prove challenging for the editing team, even if they were to drain the colour from the clip. This is probably why Vince McMahon was so furious in the first place; but now with the claims of blading, we may be looking at possible suspension.

The last time someone bladed without permission was Dave Bautista back in his 2008 steel cage battle against Chris Jericho. The Animal was fined $100,000 by WWE for the incident, and with Vince McMahon reportedly furious with the appearance of blood, Lesnar could also be in some trouble with the WWE CEO.

Then again, with the match going down so well with the WWE Universe, and The Beast Incarnate once again proving himself to be a huge draw, McMahon will be hard pressed to do more than give the Superstar a warning not to repeat the move. After all...

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