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Huge batman fan love reading the comics and watching the movies but more of a marvel fan to be honest and my favourite marvel hero is deadpo
Mark Murray

So with Halloween creeping up slowly upon us there will no doubt be a big array of horror movies showing on TV.

Horror movies nowadays I think are just getting repetitive or getting remade like the poltergeist for one, but for me the remake was a total let down! (Check my review page on Facebook named scary films to see the review). ANYWAY! For an evening of great horror what would you recommend?

Me personally I would go for the sinister franchise with the ghoul and ghosts with the great jump scares. Or paranormal activity! Those sort of films are always good for a night of scares, or would you rather the cult classics with the chilling music themes and the killer who seems to know every direction you have ran from them and seems to be behind you no matter how far and fast you get away from them. No matter what film it is we want to know what you have planned for your viewing pleasure during the witching hours of Halloween. Also let us know what your thoughts are of the horror franchise nowadays compared to classics.


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