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Nostalgic, mesmerizing, and majestic are a few words to describe the latest 'Star Wars The Force Awakens' trailer. Since last Monday, astronomical ticket sales broke records, Star Wars' official YouTube trailer has over 40 million views and and a fan-base has been awakened once again. The trailer was amazing, and is a phenomenon that will continue to soar and not come down anytime soon. Every person sitting down in front of their television felt sparks of something magical about this trailer.

This trailer had a lot, but gave very little away. This is in part to the geniousof Disney's marketing and the direction for this film. After multiple views, I needed to digest the excitement and take in the previous week's reaction. Statistics aside,The Force Awakens trailer is renewing a sense of enthusiasm in the Star Wars brand again. In addition, reigniting the flame of love and familiarity for Star Wars fans everywhere. Even the actors of the film were caught up in the euphoric awe. Monday night into Tuesday we were able to see stars John Boyega (as Finn, a former stormtrooper from the first order), and Daisy Ridley( as Rey, a sand scavenger ) post their reactions on Instagram while watching the trailer.

Boyega's reaction was ecstatic in his first viewing of the trailer.

Writing in his Instagram post:

"THE TRAILER IS JUST EEEEPPPPPPPIIIIICCCCCCC! Star Wars is back! gaaaaaad laaaaard! You know what! Let me just relax because this kind God oooo! Lmao! Seriously congrats to everyone ! December 18th!"

The lead actress of the film could not hold back her amazement either.

Ridley, 23, wrote in her post:

"Staying in a little b'n'b with my friend... Set an alarm to watch the trailer... My friend filmed my reaction. Totally emotional seeing it for the first time and so so so incredibly awed to be part of this incredible legacy."

She is seen watching the trailer in bed. Overcome with tears of joy, Ridley says:

"Oh my goodness, amazing."

Every scene served a purpose in this trailer and every scene sparked sequences of uncontrollable smiling and tears of joy. We hear the intimidating breathing of Darth Vader and then our ears are filled with remixed pieces of John Williams' musical scores from the original trilogy. And then we are quickly shifted to the Millennium Falcon zooming through the Star Destroyer graveyard with two tie fighters in pursuit. Subsequently, we see the unique blend of the classic trilogy bridging the gap to the new sequel trilogy. Rey says to Han Solo "there were stories about what happened". Next, Solo says "It's true, all of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. They're real." While poetically in the same location where a younger Han Solo scoffed at the idea of the force 34 years earlier. Tie-fighters and X-wings are in a dogfight and we finally lay our eyes on Leia before we go back to the potential light saber fight between Kylo Ren and Finn.

Mark Twain once said "history doesn't repeat itself, it just rhymes very well." One of the most touching parts is the passing of the torch in both the movie and the generations involved. It's perfectly subtle while impressively forward in motion. It's all new, but yet we are still in the home we all know and love. We are not introduced to the magic, but instead reacquainted. We were there when a young Luke Skywalker was being mesmerized by Ben Kenobi's take on the clone war's legacy, lore, and the grandiose tales. Now fast forward 30 years later since the Battle of Endor and we see that the original trilogy has become just as epic in the new characters' lives as they did in all of ours over the course of 38 years. Now the actions of the Battle of Yavin to the destruction of the second death is treated just like the battles a generation before. Moreover with a pinch of dramatic irony because the moments are sweet, but we can't scream out to the characters how this all came to pass.

This new star wars film is going to be exciting. Not because of special effects or familiar faces (even though it helps tremendously), but how unpredictable the direction the saga will go. Fans have not felt this way since 1977-1983. Being taken along for the ride and not so much focusing on the destination, but the journey.

Ultimately, this is why we all quickly gained goosebumps watching this trailer. We were watching this trailer and felt the hair on our necks raise, our eyes expand, and mouths dropping in the process. Not just because it's Star Wars, but because it also draws on our memories and we treat it as our investment. The direction behind this movie trailer was charming. J.J Abrams is bringing out all the things that made us fall in love with the movies. As well as usher in the young children of this era the same way previous generations were welcomed into the fun almost 40 years ago. A full week of digesting the hype, the record breaking news, and the trailer told me that fans are not just yearning for a new Star Wars film, but a chance. One simple chance for the screen to make us return to our youthful selves an open our minds to be captivated once more. I truly feel that this trailer is one of many moments to come because of this film.


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