ByKaitlyn Foster, writer at

Book lovers and young adult movie fanatics around the world anticipate the March madness movies that are the Divergent series. With the great success of the first movie Divergent in March of 2014 brought the second installment ,Insurgent, in March of 2015. In September of 2015, author, Veronica Roth, announced that Allegiant Part 1 and 2 will be named Allegiant and Ascendant. As a fan of the books myself, these changes slightly brought some dismay and wonder as to how the name change for the second movie will change the dynamics of the story that we have all come to adore.

The logos of both of these movies are very interesting, for Allegiant depicts a tidal wave and Ascendant displays a DNA ladder. The tidal wave might symbolize as a balance to the flame logo in Divergent, for it's water that puts out the fire. The logo for Ascendant however may reveal more about Tris and Tobias 's (Four) relationship, for the core of the book series is nature over nurture, and a person's DNA makeup is what could save or suffer society.

Without a ton of information yet on how the titles and logos will impact the movies or the story, it is still safe to say that there will be some changes to the story, whether it be for the best, only time can tell. But with the current trend of popular YA books reaching the big screen, often these plot changes create a more dynamic and interesting story that the readers usually can't predict.


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