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I have been a huge fan of the movies Back to the Future ever since I can remember. My personal favorite character has been Marty Mcfly since I related better to him than Jennifer Parker or Lorraine Mcfly and Linda Mcfly or even Clara. I know that female characters are almost incidental to the plot but here is a few photos of me as Marty Mcfly. How was I able to pull it off? I owned a pair of blue jeans already, had a similar striped shirt that Marty Mcfly wore (his is short sleeved while I have longer sleeves), a solid red t- shirt, the denim jacket had belonged to my daddy (he died in 2009 due to complications from bone cancer), I had bought new headphones from Walmart a day or so earlier, the vest was given to me a few years ago and the black suspenders I ordered from for about 5 dollars. My hair is also the same shade as Marty Mcfly so I tried to style it in a ponytail but part of it hung out. Oh well, overall it was a fun way to cosplay as Marty Mcfly on Back to the Future day.


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