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Once again, in the spirit of Halloween I want to talk to you all about Dracula. There's no need to go into the background, his story is well known and over the years we've been treated to many different versions on both the small and big screens. The last enjoyable version, at least for me, was Jonathan Rhys-Meyer's TV portrayal of Dracula on NBC. Sadly, it was cancelled on network television, but Netflix picked it up and we're awaiting season 2. Actually, Netflix is a more fitting outlet for this show to be aired on, because it is screaming erotica and violence on a level higher than what NBC can air.

I still would love to see Dracula once again on the big screen, and with a version as definitive as some of the past great actors who have graced this role, such as Sir Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella, and Gary Oldman. I have compiled a group of actors who I believe can bring the Count back to life, starting from a low budget film actor all the way to a blockbuster. I can't continue the list until I pay my respect to Luke Evans, last to play the role onscreen in a movie that bombed domestically, (Domestic Total Gross: $56,280,355 against the Production Budget of $70 million as reported by

I say that with a heavy heart because Luke Evans was perfect for the part of Dracula. He had the look, the cinematography was spot on, everything was so right with Dracula Untold. That is until the story screwed it all up. The writing team of Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless had a fastball down the middle with this movie and they fouled it off. Too bad for Dracula Untold because it had such great potential.

So with that off my chest, here is my list of actors who can play Count Dracula.


Aside from getting half naked in the Magic Mike movies, and playing a con artist in USA's White Collar there is so much more to Matt Bomer that we've yet to see. Although we haven't seen him go as dark as the role will need to be, there is no question that he has the air of seduction necessary to play a convincing Count.


The fact that he already plays a vampire on the CW's The Originals makes this choice easy. Daniel posesses all the elements to play Count Dracula and I believe he would be at the top of anyone's casting list for the role.


I'm sure many would agree that you can see Michael Fassbender playing the role of Count Dracula very clearly. He too commands all the characteristics required to execute this role successfully. We've seen him go dark and gloomy, so playing the Count should be fairly natural for him.


Okay, forget for one moment that he plays Superman. Let's remember that before all of that, he starred as Charles Brandon on The Tudors. Like Matt Bomer, he may not be as dark as some would hope but he too possesses that air of seduction needed to make the role his own, especially in a movie version focusing more on the sexuality of vampires, rather than the horror.


I had to include Alexander in this list, as he's perfect for the role. He commanded the role of vampire Eric Northman in HBO's True Blood perfectly. Dye his hair black and boom, you got Dracula. Need I say more?

There you have it friends. Even though we're probably a long ways off from seeing another Dracula film on the big screen, I'm sure we'll get plenty of him on the small screen via Netflix. In the meantime, why don't you add some names to the list of those who can play Dracula in the comments section. Anyone but Johnny Depp. He went there and did that already.


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