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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Marvel and DC are about to have the battle of the ages in terms of who has the better superhero-themed films. Marvel has already established itself as the king of comic book movies and is continuing to expand in ways that they couldn't even believe were possible. DC, on the other hand, is coming back onto the scene attempting to compete with Marvel for the top spot. DC's first entry into the new DCEU, Man of Steel, was met with mixed reviews but definitely showed promise. You either love it or hate it, but one thing is for sure: Marvel has some real competition.

It isn't uncommon for one of the big two to occasionally take shots at the other and it has happened yet again, this time with Anthony Mackie.

Falcon really hated Man of Steel!

Man of Steel is a film that's definitely been met with a very surprising critical reaction. There are still some fans -- myself included -- that thought the film was pretty good. Now don't get me wrong, it surely had its flaws but DC should improve on that as the DCEU expands.

One of the people that simply isn't fond of the film for obvious reasons is Captain America actor Anthony Mackie. In an interview with Collider, he and Steve Weintraub got into a pretty heated discussion on whether Man of Steel was really that bad, check it out here:

While the video is a bit humorous, Anthony Mackie clearly has some strong feelings towards Man of Steel. While he was clearly speaking in a joking manner, it is apparent how he feels -- but is MoS really that bad?

Was Man of Steel really that bad?

Despite all of the criticism, I actually really enjoyed Man of Steel. I think it is the best representation of Superman on-screen since Christopher Reeve, but I am a firm believer in Henry Cavill. Some people simply felt that the film was a jumbled up mess and felt too rushed. While it clearly does have issues, I think it was a damn good first entry into the DCEU. I'm sure that there are many who agree with Mackie, but I'm surely not one of them.


Did you think 'Man of Steel' was good?


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