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Temperance Gennaro

Okay! Unless you are living under a rock somewhere (or a dumpster surround by walkers?) you probably know by now that season 6 of The Walking Dead has just said goodbye to the first major character death of the season Glenn. Supposedly. As always fan theories keep the shows alive just as much as the writers, producers, and actors do.

Exmple, ex producer and writer for hit show Rizzoli & Isles, pisses off the fans to the point where she is now, well...ex producer and writer for the show. lesson? DON'T TICK OFF THE FANS! Something The Walking Dead is pretty good at doing because thank the red neck Jesus Daryl is still alive!

So now there are theories all over the place talking about how Glenn may still be alive! These theories rang from Nick landing on top of Glenn. "Oh no! Those were Nicks guts you saw guys!" Sure. I can buy that. At first! There is a thousand walkers and two of them. They won't stop at Nicks spine!

"your guts aren't in your upper chest area!" Again! There are lots of Walkers and two of them, I don't think they are going to be careful as they rip his skin apart. At one point in time something they were chowing down on looked like a heart, we are going to ignore that then? Probably!


Glenn: really dead?
Glenn: really dead?

we can analyze shirt color, the exact latitude and longitude in which they fell, what body parts were pulled out or that no one was there to see Glenn die! That's sad, that's a damn shame considering he is one of our original bad asses, BUT, there is a first for everything.

"But he wasn't on The Talking Dead!" No he was not. Like we said, no one witnessed his death so more likely than not we are going to find a zombified Glenn somewhere or whatever is left of that head of his. That is when he will probably recognize his smiling non zombified face on the after show.

Mourne him now! The Glenn we know is gone people! "He crawled under the dumpster) did you honestly see where he fell? Those walkers were on him like fly on a stink! Even if Nick had given him the time he needed to crawl under, there were at least nine zombies blocking the way.

So is Glenn alive? This contributor chooses to believe not. Have any of us thought of the real victim here? Maggie! The one who lost her friends, father, sister, step mom and brother and now her husband! Have you thought of that?! No! You only ever think of yourselves you selfish....

Even if you are not the biggest Maggie fan, you have to admit that this is about to get more annoying than someone running the vacuum while your trying to sleep. Similar to sound right?

When her dad died and her sister went missing all we heard for half a season was "Got to find Glenn, Where is Glenn? Will Glenn meet us there? Glenn, Glenn, GLENN!"

Girl, you had a sister!

RIP Glenn, rest easy in that pizza shop in the sky!


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