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Forget that Ricky Gervais is hosting the 2016 Golden Globes.

He’ll show up, make jokes that will anger people, set social media on fire and, as they say, “that will be that.”

The bigger news for next year is that his longtime plans to bring back, David Brent, the most iconic character from The Office is moving forward.

He recently announced on his blog that Life on the Road is now in pre-production. Amongst the many details involved is recording songs for the film’s soundtrack album.

The ongoing work demands a high level of multitasking as Gervais is also involved in post-production of his another film, Foreign Correspondents.

The plans are to shoot the film with multiple cameras to speed up the shooting days.

Life on the Road catches up with David Brent roughly fifteen years from when The Office began via a demo of scenes prior to the pilot:

The terminally obnoxious former paper sales company manager has been working as a traveling sales rep and pouring his money into a band, “Foregone Conclusion” and a UK tour. He thinks that the latest documentary crew will be his final chance at show business glory.

Ricky Gervais has been teasing the return of David Brent for several years, including a YouTube series, “Guitar with David Brent”:

He also released a music video called, “Equality Street”:

If that weren’t enough, he even appeared as David Brent in a UK tour with Foregone Conclusion. They played a number of sold out shows:

Life on the Road will be released in the UK on August 16, 2016 with a US release slated for later in the year.

If you don't know him by now...
If you don't know him by now...

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