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To many horror fans, few things are more enticing than testing our fear limits. We love the "uneasy" feeling; like something is lurking just outside our door; or the feeling that the horrific events we watch, read, or listen to could happen to us in an instant. With hubs like CreepyPasta, the ability to find a story to scare you out of your wits is so easy it might as well be right in front of you. Or, under your bed... or, right... behind...YOU.

With Halloween right around the corner, here is my challenge for you: Get through these five freaky Internet stories with your lights off and nothing but headphones in. If you make it, you have my respect. If not, well, pleasant dreams!

5.) Ickbarr Bigelsteine

This one tells the story of a young boy with a terrible fear of the dark. To keep him from panicking, his mother gives him a homemade doll that's a little more creepy than cute. He names him Ickbarr Bigelsteine, or Ick for short. His owner loses his first tooth, and Ickbarr (creepily) asks for it. This continues into the child's adulthood, and when he can no longer oblige, Ickbarr lets him know what will happen if he doesn't get his fill soon...

4.) Paper Thin

A man and his best friend are inseparable. When his friend suddenly stops showing up for work with no warning, Henry tries to take matters into his own hands. Heading into David's house, he finds that maybe trying to find David wasn't the best idea...

3.) Broadcast Interruption

Our narrator is sitting in front of the television studying when he comes across a Public Access Program of his Latin teacher reciting a poem. It's interrupted by static, followed by a cartoon of a family sitting at a table together. A broadcast is on telling the family to evacuate, as monsters are coming up from the sea and bodily mutations are occurring. The family doesn't listen, naturally, but it makes a great story for us to listen to.

2.) One in the Oven

Police find a woman's body in the oven of a farmhouse in Minnesota. Even more strange? They find a camera facing the oven with no tape inside. It's labeled a homicide until they find a VHS at the bottom of the, well, on the farm's property. Turns out, it's a video of a woman recording herself... in front of the oven... and getting inside of it. Weirdness ensues.

1.) Autopilot

A man is really engulfed in his brain's daily routine, but today, he forgot his cellphone. He brings his daughter to school, he gets his coffee, he goes to work. His "autopilot" is engaged. When he realizes he forgot his phone, he also realizes he forgot something else...

So, how did you do? I won't lie, I had a hard time, especially with Paper Thin.

For those of you that made it all the way through with your lights off, I commend you. You'd have no problem facing any of the horrors that these stories conjure up this Halloween. If you didn't make it, that's okay! It may just mean you're, you know, normal.

Happy Halloween, horror fans!

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