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Over the past few months, actor Michael Rooker has been pushing for a solo Yondu film as a spin-off of Guardians of the Galaxy. Clearly, Rooker enjoyed playing his character in the first film and is very keen on expanding the character Yondu Udonta. He has been pushing this concept to director James Gunn, hoping for the opportunity to give Yondu his own feature film.

Though Gunn only sees this as a joke, Rooker has an interest in expanding the character this way. I, for one, would side with Rooker - a Yondu film would actually be pretty cool! Sure, the movie would not be anything like Marvel has put into a movie yet, but it would be a lot of fun and would expand the world around the Guardians of the Galaxy, therefore expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are six things we would love to see in a solo Yondu film, assuming that we ever get one!

1. The inner workings of The Ravagers

Yondu's group of Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy did not receive as much of the spotlight as they likely should have had. The most we saw of them was Peter Quill's (Star Lord's) interactions with the group after leaving them and a couple brief scenes following their journey to capture Quill.

I personally would love to see a lot more of this band of space pirates. Some of the scenes we saw of them showed them as a lighthearted, yet loyal, group who is always ready to do a job. Whether we see the origin of the Ravagers or simply one of their adventures, I would certainly love to get the inside look at these interstellar looters. It may actually be a lot like Treasure Planet, which would look pretty damn epic in a live action film!

2. His tribal origin on Centauri-IV

Yondu actually does not appear in the Mainstream Marvel Universe in the comics, but exists in a different Universe (specifically the War of the Worlds Universe - 691). In this Universe, Yondu originated as a member of a Zatoan tribe on the planet Centauri-IV. This is where he learned the use of the bow and arrow. He eventually met Vance Astro, who was an explorer / geographer that traveled across the galaxy. They became fast friends and Yondu joined Vance on his adventures.

Though I doubt that we will see this origin played out exactly like the comics, if we see a solo Yondu film there will certainly be hints of it. There would be a good chance that we will at least see flashbacks to his tribal days. I think this would be an interesting concept, perhaps showing the less advanced parts of the Galaxy. It would add variety to the Cinematic Universe and more insight into who Yondu really is. Plus, what would happen if Yondu had a break down at some point during the film? We may see him return to his home planet to live with his tribe once again, only to return to the Ravagers when he is truly needed.

3. The Badoon

The main factor that drove Yondu into the galaxy during the comics was the Badoon, a grotesque, yet powerful, species that invaded Yondu's home planet. They have advanced technology, most notably advanced cloaking abilities, making them practically impossible to track, and faster-than-light space travel. Plus, they look cool. Imagine one of those things on the silver screen!

Numerous creatures have already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and even more that will be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. A Yondu solo film would be the perfect place to introduce this creature, especially when considering their involvement with the popular character.

4. Plenty of action with Yondu's arrow(s)

One of the best parts about Yondu is his weapon of choice - an arrow. His arrow is quite talented, though, being able to bend and change direction based on the pitch of Yondu's whistling. Believe it or not, this turned Yondu into quite the badass character after he wiped out an entire group of Sakaarans simply by whistling.

This use of the arrow would give Yondu quite an advantage in his own movie when he is fighting, plus it would be very entertaining. In fact, if he did get his own film, it is likely that this weaponry may actually be expanded by giving Yondu more arrows. Perhaps we may see Yondu learning to control multiple arrows at once. That would really be worth seeing - plus, when you think about it, Yondu and his arrow could have solved almost any problem that has already occurred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Battle of New York during The Avengers would have been cut short after Yondu's arrow pierced the hearts of every single Chitauri in a matter of minutes.

5. A new Guardians of the Galaxy team

This one is a long shot, but really something to consider. In the Marvel comic Universe that Yondu existed in, Yondu was actually a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, alongside his friend Vance Astro. This was obviously a different team from the Mainstream comics, which consisted of the members from the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

In Yondu's solo film, we may in fact see Yondu disassembling the Ravagers (either by leaving them or by witnessing the death of most of the team) and starting a new group. This new group could be relatively similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy, or it could actually be named after the Guardians of the Galaxy to blatantly mock Quill's team. It's an interesting concept to throw around, plus it would show a change in Yondu's heart as he turns to doing good.

6. A great treasure hunt

It is likely that the main plot of the potential Yondu film would be some sort of treasure hunt. It would most likely start with the Ravagers getting a lead, followed by a journey to find some sort of lost treasure (another Infinity Stone maybe?). It would be very entertaining to see this group's process of finding treasure, which is a concept we did not see much of during Guardians of the Galaxy.

This hunt could actually be fun to watch on screen, being similar to Indiana Jones - but in space! It would show new aspects of the Galaxy and would bring yet another theme to MCU. It could be similar to Ant-Man's heist theme, but with a galactic, adventurous twist!

I honestly think Michael Rooker may be onto something with his concept of a Yondu solo film. A lot of people want to laugh it off, but I personally think it would be a worthwhile movie. It would help expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe by adding more genres than just the classic superhero movies, especially considering how Marvel comics did a bit more than just superheroes. Plus, Michael Rooker is a great actor who performed as Yondu phenomenally. I don't know about you, but I would love to see the blue Ravager return in his own feature film!

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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