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Everyone enjoys seeing a good couple blossom on the big screen. Rose and Jack, Morticia and Gomez, but sometimes our favorite couples haven't had time to shine on the big screen. Comic books are famous for making unique and interesting couples, sometimes for just a couple issues and sometimes for life, however, there has been a stark lack of superpowered romance on the big screen in today's age. Gathered below are 10 superheroes, both Marvel and DC, who have had relations in the comics before that we the fans would love to see brought to life.


Storm and Black Panther

This pairing is at once my favorite couple on this list and the most unlikely to ever happen. Storm and Black Panther are owned by different companies, both of whom are doing very well for themselves so its unlikely we'll ever see them together. This super couple isn't just a power couple becuase of their capes, but because they are the King and Queen of the richest African nation out there, Wakanda! Storm herself was Queen of another African country and T'Challa (Black Panther) was the prince of Wakanda before his father was murdered. We'll be seeing a young version of Storm in the upcoming Fox movie X-men Apocalypse and we'll be seeing her true soulmate making his MCU debut in Captain America Civil War.

Northstar and Kyle

Northstar and Kyle were the first married gay couple to make their ways onto the pages of comics everywhere. They had been partners for many years before finally tying the note after New York passed equal rights for same sex couples. Although Kyle doesn't have any superpowers of his own, its quite admirable to stand by his husband when he knows the kind of danger an X-Man faces.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

photo cred "Beyond The Trailer"
photo cred "Beyond The Trailer"

This is probably one of the most likely pairings we might see on the big screen. If you knew what to look for, Age of Ultron alluded to their romantic history in several scenes, whether that was just a fun Easter egg or foreshadowing for future movies seems unclear at this time. Scarlet Witch and Vision are one of the best couples in Marvel history, I mean what's better than a Witch and a Robot? They technically have two children together, twin sons named Billy and Tommy. Both Billy and Tommy have been a part of the Young Avengers, Billy been the real name of Wiccan and Tommy being the alias for superhero Speed.

Mockingbird and Hawkeye

Unfortunately this pairing is very unlikely to ever happen in the MCU, Mockingbird seems set to be with Hunter and Hawkeye is happily married with two kids. However, in the comic books these two were inseparable! They got married and ran off together to form the West Coast Avengers. Both characters exist in the MCU, but the chances of them getting together is super unlikely. It would also mean a great deal of pain for Hawkeye to lose his family, but perhaps that tragedy is in his near future.

Gambit and Rogue

Who even knows what's going on with the timeline anymore? A Gambit movie is coming out next year, Rogue is an established member of the X-men, but the rest is so unclear. When is the Gambit movie taking place? How old does that make Rogue? When will Rogue appear next? Although the details of this are as confusing as they can be, it would be every 90's kids dream to see these two together. They are easily one of the most iconic X-men pairings and had a long romantic history together on the animated show, but will they ever meet on the big screen?


Batman and Wonder Woman

This is a classic pairing! Some might pair Batman with Catwoman and Wonder Woman with Superman, but Batman and Wonder Woman always work well in the comics! This pairing seems rather unlikely with the age differences between Bruce Wayne and Diana in the DCEU timeline, and the fact that Wonder Woman's lover has already been cast for her solo movie. However, the comics remind us that this is one of the coolest, and most underrated, superhero couples out there.

Nightwing and Oracle

Who would understand each other better than the former Robin and Batgirl? Both were raised and mentored by Batman and grew up as crime fighters. Barbara and Dick had a lot of history together before they became a romantic couple and they remain one of the cutest couples in comic book history to this day. Nightwind and Orcale actually end up getting married in the story arc Convergence Nightwing and Oracle. Writer Gail Simone is responsible for the Convergence comics and has spearheaded Barbara's story arc for the majority of the last decade, and her romance with Nightwing just seems to make sense.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Anyone who says this doesn't make sense is wrong. They have always been together. They have always been married. Well, except for that weird time when the new iteration of Hawkgirl wasn't interested in Hawkman but that was a dark time for their relationship. If there was ever a perfect pairing it was Hawkman and Hawkgirl. This couple we actually will be seeing in the near future. The Hawk couple will be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of Flash (which is a spin-off of Arrow so this is a spin-off of a spin-off) and from what we know so far they will totally be a couple in their first ever live action appearance.

Superboy and Miss Martian

There was a lot of good stuff that came out of the animated television show Young Justice and this couple (and the following) are examples of that. It was heart breaking when the begining of Season 2 we found out that Miss Martian and Superboy were no longer a couple. They were the only two people who really seemed to understand each other, but unfortunately young love doesn't always survive in the Justice League. I think its highly unlikely we'll ever see live action iterations of these characters, so the chances of seeing them together on the big screen is slim.

Kid Flash and Artemis

This couple broke our hearts towards the end of the second season of Young Justice. Although they weren't a couple during the majority of the first season, Wally West and Artemis were an instant fan favorite couple. At the beginning of the second season we learn that Artemis and Wally have hung up their capes in hopes of living a normal life together to raise a family. However, when the world is in need of saving, they resume the superhero regime for one last time. Unfortunately, in an heart breaking turn of events Kid Flash heroically loses his life. Again, like the above, we most likely won't be seeing either of these characters on the big screen so chances of them ending up together are rather slim.


Who is your favorite superhero couple?


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