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**Spoilers ahead if you did not see Monday night's episode of Gotham "By Fire"**

Gotham continues to give us twists and turns with each episode but we're all starting to see Ed Nygma's (Cory Michael Smith) slow transformation into The Riddler. With his alter-ego fighting to take control of the Nygma we all know now, his relationship with Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack) has began to grow. We last saw Kristen and Ed having dinner with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin), where it seems that Ed's friendship with Jim seems to be growing and evolving. Now it seems that Nygma has created a different path for himself and who knows what will happen to the quite Ed we all knew.

In a recent interview with Collider, actor Cory Michael Smith revealed where Ed Nygma will be going from here on. Smith explains why our little Ed opened up to Kringle about the murder of officer, Tom Dougherty, the power he has and how he is a small fish in the big world of Gotham. Smith explains that it was good for his character to go out on a few dates and make friends before we see him go full-on super villain.

"Yeah, I think so. Very early on, when we introduced Kristen Kringle, someone tweeted at me, “This is so wrong! The Riddler never had romantic endeavors. This is so, so, so wrong!” And what I tweeted back was, “There’s a reason why people are the way they are.” I’m very excited about the choices they made, and especially how it happened. It’s so aggressively personal and unintentional. "

On Monday's episode, we were able to see Ed as he always hoped to be - dating a girl while he's becoming friends with people that he hopes are actually his friends. He also reveals that within the short period of Nygma making friends and going on a date, it made him feel confident and almost not crazy. Smith says in the interview:

"I think that, even in the short period of time that they’re dating, a calm comes over him because he feels like he graduated in life. He has a little bit more confidence in the fact that he is desired by somebody and understood by somebody, even if it’s for a short period of time. It makes him feel like he’s not as crazy as everyone makes him feel. Of course, it turns out that he’s crazier. But he gets to feel, for a little bit, like someone who can be loved and like someone who can be understood."

With the way Nygma is progressing in the series, Smith says that he's excited about how the creators are going about Nygma's progression into a villain. He reveals that our little Ed will be growing and changing as the season continues. We'll also be seeing Ed take some risks and chances. Maybe we'll get to see Ed cause some mischief around Gotham in the upcoming episodes?


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