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An archaeological team attempts to unlock the secrets of a lost pyramid only to find themselves hunted by an insidious creature known as Anubis - god of the afterlife.

Anubis was replace by Osiris in his role as god of the underworld.

"If you were one of the critics who gave this film a 'rotten-rating',  you probably did not understand it completely."
"If you were one of the critics who gave this film a 'rotten-rating', you probably did not understand it completely."

The Pyramid overcomes thin writing and an inconsistent found-footage format to deliver a horror movie experience that actually fulfills its promises.

"The massive structure at the center of "The Pyramid" is a three-sided pyramid uncovered in the desert outside Cairo after spending untold millennia hidden deep beneath the sands. Technically speaking, this means that the structure in question is actually a tetrahedron and not a pyramid . . ." - REVIEW

Are you suggesting that there might be a whole stellated dodecahedron buried in the desert, with only one pyramid above ground level? - Yes.

This was sort-of made clear during the scene where Holden and Nora discuss the (Im)possibility of extraterrestrials aiding the Egyptians.

THE SPHINX ("Rat" Creatures)

You might not like the group of sphinx cats (or in this case Rat-Cat Hybrids) in the beginning and middle of the movie and you’re probably not supposed to. They are villainous, or maybe just extremely starved - they survive in the Pyramid as cannibals. However, they seem to have a sense of loyalty to the female lead character Nora. You must watch the scene where a team of at least ten sphinxes attack the god Anubis, allowing Nora to escape the burial chamber and climb to safety (sort of). Of course, you could just as easily interpret it that Nora is the cats’ meal ticket (or you know, their meal) and they don’t want any entity getting to her first.

The Sphinx were protectors of the Pyramid and were there to keep Anubis inside the Pyramid.

Now, About That, Surprising Ending:

Which to some, made it a flop and to others, finished it.

According to the movie, part of Egyptian mythology is a book of spells and rituals called the Book of the Dead. Hence, Anubis weighing the hearts of Dr. Holden and its previous victims. BUT, if you are not or were not familiar with Egyptian mythology, you would NOT have understood the reason why Anubis was weighting the hearts in the first place. The reason had everything to do with Anubis' Imprisonment. There were 6 paths or doors to exist the Pyramid, 5 of them were dead-traps for anyone who tried to exit out of the Pyramid, this included Anubis.

Anubis had been trying to find the right (pure) "heart" or victim which will reveal/or release the "lever" or "path" to the outside of the Pyramid. HENCE, the weighing the hearts - so that it can escape His imprisonment.

In the last scene audience were left without a clue for the sequel or just confused.

Nora solved the "puzzle" for it.

Anubis simply followed Nora out of the Pyramid; His prison. Nora was only able to get out of the Pyramid (or solve the Osiris 6 Door Puzzle) because she had knowledge of Egyptian Mythology. She calls for help not realizing what she had just unleashed.

ENDING: Anubis finally, escapes its prison. This was without using the lever "the weight of the pure heart" that would have released him.


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