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All across the Internet, the biggest topic is the death/maybe-not-death of The Walking Dead favorite, Glenn. Is he dead? Is he alive? How could he have survived? These and more questions are being asked, and while I NEED the answers to them, I think it's time we focused on a topic that isn't the possible grisly death of a fan-favorite pop culture character – and that's the possible grisly death of ANOTHER fan-favorite pop culture character!

WB/DC's villain team-up movie Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters next year – and despite its controversial MPAA rating, it's going to be incredibly dark! With all of the main characters being super-villains, audiences are in for a pretty messed up ride, which will more than likely end in the death of at least one major crew member.

The death of a major character is a common cliché, especially in superhero films. Coulson, Uncle Ben, Quicksilver, the list goes on. These deaths provide the hero or superhero team, a reason to keep fighting, to not give up.

Since the Suicide Squad is a team of super-villains, all bent on wreaking havoc and causing mass destruction, they're likely going to need a good reason to take on the task of saving the world.

And what better way to get a squad of criminals to work together and save Earth than having one of them die? Perhaps even the most moral of them all?

Deadshot Is Totally Going to Kick the Bucket!


Oh Deadshot, we hardly knew ye. Yes, I believe that Deadshot will be the one to die in Suicide Squad. For those who don't know, Deadshot is the leader of the group, sort of. I say 'sort of' because when your team consists entirely of baddies, "leading" is not really the best term to describe your role. It's more like "strongly suggesting."

Anyway, Deadshot will be portrayed by Will Smith in, if my theory is correct, a total of ONE film. But why am I deadset on seeing Deadshot (haha) kick the bucket? Actually, I'm not. Of all the characters in this movie, Deadshot already looks to be my favorite. But the evidence just seems to be stacked up against him.

What evidence you ask? I'm glad you did!

He's Got the Biggest Moral Compass

Having a larger moral compass than a gang of villains is not the most difficult thing, but it's still worth noting that of all the villains in Suicide Squad, Deadshot is the one with the most heart.

Smith has talked about the character's grey view on morals before, how he justifies taking money to kill people. But fans of Deadshot know that it always comes down to one thing for the character: family.

Deadshot would do anything for his daughter; that includes becoming a hitman and working with the likes of Amanda Waller. He's a desperate father who just wants to protect his little girl, no matter what it takes. Because of this, you feel for the character. It's not enough to make you forgive him for his crimes, but you do get a feeling of empathy towards Deadshot.

Unfortunately, as I said earlier, the character with the biggest morals is usually the one to go first. Though Deadshot is still a pretty terrible guy, he's got more morality than the others, and will likely be the one to keep them in their place. That is, until the charismatic leader is shot down by the enemy and another member of the team has to step up and honor his legacy.

Yes, Deadshot's leadership status makes him the "Coulson" of the group, but who knows if DC will revive him with a spin-off show?

He's Got the Most to Fight For

Going back to the topic of a Deadshot being a father, it's his fatherly duties that might also contribute to his eventual bucket-kicking. Like I said, Deadshot loves his daughter. He'd do absolutely anything for her, even if it meant putting himself in the line of fire.

The Suicide Squad trailer showed us a lot of snippets of Deadshot and his daughter. You might think it's because Will Smith is a big name and DC wanted to show him off as much as possible, and you'd be right. But you'd also be right to assume that the reason there's so much Deadshot in the trailer is because he's the character with the most to lose.

Suicide Squad plans on showing us a more human side to Deadshot, the loving father side. With Deadshot being a criminal and all, it'll be nice to see a truly human and compassionate side to one of DC's greatest supervillains. But... it also likely means that he won't make it to the end credits...

After all, when has showing the compassionate side of a villain ever been a good thing? Darth Vader, Doctor Octopus, Zabuza! The point is, it NEVER ends well!


Deadshot is likely to go out in a blaze of glory, protecting his daughter who is no doubt a target for many of his enemies, mainly because Deadshot, like most villains, doesn't really keep his secret identity all that secret...

There are two reasons why I think Floyd Lawton isn't going to make it to Suicide Squad 2, but they aren't the main reason. No, the MAIN reason I think Deadshot will die in Suicide Squad has got a lot to do with love triangles. Strange, sadistic, murderous love triangles.

Deadshot Has Already Made a Terrible Enemy!

Suicide Squad hasn't even come out yet, and already reports are saying that Deadshot has made a pretty scary enemy. Who is that, you might ask? Why, the grinning green-haired gentleman above, of course!

Apparently, Suicide Squad will feature a rather vicious love triangle between Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and The Joker. Now, it's become very apparent that the Harley of Suicide Squad is probably over Joker and his incredibly abusive ways, but that doesn't mean Joker is just going to let her leave.

Personally, I'm all for Team Deadshot and Harley Quinn (Team Darley? Team Headsh – HEADSHOT! TEAM HEADSHOT!), but the Joker probably isn't. Let's face it, if The Joker were to go after him, Deadshot may not get out of that battle in one piece.

We've heard talks of Harley being a bit of an empowering character in this film, one who isn't afraid to speak her mind and prove that she's got what it takes to survive. What better story arc for such a character, than to have her new love killed by her old..."love"? It would give Harley a sad and emotional story arc, and possibly give her the means to lead the Squad come the next film!

By no means do I WANT Deadshot to die in Suicide Squad, I'm only saying that it's a very possible (and logical) option. I could be wrong, or I could be right, but one thing's for sure – Suicide Squad is going to be a hell of a ride when it comes out next year!

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