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Tristan French

Unlike most people, unfortunately I didn't watch ET when I was younger. When I was 4 years old my parents tried to show in to me, but it freaked me out! Now 13 years later, I finally watched it, and I loved this movie! ET is a truly magical film.

This is quite the technical achievement. For a film that was released in 1982, the special effects are fantastic and they still hold up today. For example, the bicycle scene is truly magical and iconic. Every kid dreams of flying over the city, and the fact that they were able to capture the magic in film is absolutely incredible!

Steven Spielberg did a fantastic job directing this film. He created a story filled with magic and wonder that most directors have never been able to accomplish and he got fantastic performances out of his actors. The 3 kids are so good in this movie, especially Drew Barrymore who was hilarious and had so much on screen charisma.

I was very emotionally invested in this film. It was extremely heartfelt and touching. The relationship between ET and Elliot is so special and realistic that it really tugs on the heartstrings. It shows that there are no boundaries with true friendship and that's one of the most important lessons a kid can learn from a movie. Overall ET is a film that both adults and kids can appreciate and enjoy . It's one of the best family movies ever and possibly one of the best films ever created.


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