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Tristan French

A geeky 90's hip hop nerd who lives in a rough neighbourhood in California has dreams of going to Harvard. When him and his 2 friends decide to go to a party, they accidently get caught in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong.

I had a lot of fun with the movie Dope. Its funny, unique, and thought provoking a the same time.

First off, the acting is excellent. Everyone is fantastic in this film, especially the Shameik Moore, who is really well cast as Malcom, the main character. Kiersey Clemons and Tony Revolori are also great as Malcoms best friend.

The screenplay is excellent, and it featres a perfect mix between comedy and drama. There are some hilarious scenes in this film were I couldn't stop laughing, but there are also some more serious and even fairly intense scenes that worked really well. The whole situation was also very believable and realistic. The soundtrack was also great, and I loved the usage of famous 90's rap songs.

While I did like this movie, it wasn't perfect by any means. The second half of the film wasn't as good as the first half and it did slow down considerably. It also wasn't that memorable. Its not forgettable, but in 10 or 20 years when I remember the great films of 2015, Ill remember Inside Out, Mad Max and Kingsman, not Dope. Also, Most coming of age films have a deep impact on me, and Dope didn't.

Overall Dope is a well-acted, and unique film that's definitely worth the watch.


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