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The Danish Girl follows the relationship between artists Einer Wegner (Lili Elbe) and Gerda Wegener. When Einer poses as a woman for Gerda's painting, he creates the character Lili, and starts to discover that he is a woman on the inside. Gerda's marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

I was lucky enough to watch Tom Hooper's (The Kings Speech, Les Miserable) new film The Danish Girl at TIFF.

I am going to be completely honest, I was a little disappointed after watching this film. Don't get me wrong, its a beautifully shot, extremely well acted, and very well directed film, but I wasn't blown away. This is a performance based film in my opinion. While it does have a great story, I cant call it a great movie and here's why:

The character development felt very rushed to me. Redmayne's character transitions from a man to a woman very quickly and they didn't take the time to really show his what he was going through. It felt unrealistic to an extent. There were scenes that were very slow, especially towards the middle of the film. There were some scenes that I felt were unneeded. If I was Hooper, I would have cut out some of the scenes, and focused more time on developing the characters, because that's really what this film lacked.

While this film did have some problems, its still very well done.

The performances are outstanding! Both Redmayne and Vikander will definitely be nominated for best actor and actress, and they both will probably win. Redmayne is fantastic as the first transgendered man. This is a very challenging role, because he has to play 2 characters, and he does this perfectly. His performance is very believable and will go down as one of the best of the decade. As great as Redmayne was, I think that Vikander was even better, and she disserves even more praise. She was so believable and she played such a strong character who would do anything to help her husband.

The cinematography was excellent. This was a very beautifully shot film and it perfectly captured the time period. The original score was also brilliant and really suited the movie. Id also like to note that this is a very classy film. Hooper respectfully captures a relevant topic and sometimes even throws a little bit of humor in to lighten the mood. (I thought that this was unneeded and corny sometimes, but everyone else in the theater seemed to love the jokes).

Overall the Danish Girl has a beautiful story and is very well acted, but it is very slow and is flawed in some areas. Its still very good, and its definitely worth the watch. Its sure to be nominated for some major Oscars.


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