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Have you read part I yet? If not you can catch the list by clicking on the link here. Here's the rest of the list (in no particular order). So get ready and decide which of these is your favorite mask or the scariest one and let me know in the comments down below. Did I forget a mask? Please let me know so I can add it to the list. Just remember that I picked the masks from the most noted horror movies around. It will take me forever to try to find the rest of the awesome low budget movie masks. But if you know of any scary one, share it with us.


20.- Satan's Little Helper 2004

Nothing is more innocent than a small child right? Well think again. Dougie is a 9 year old obsessed with video games like any other kid out there and therefore glued to a game called "Satan's Little Helper". When he goes out with "Satan"( a mysterious man in mask), for a night of fun and frolic during Halloween,they think it's a much better idea to go around killing people instead. Talk about getting your tricks instead of treats.

21.- The Devils Rejects 2005

Not precisely your common rubber and plastic store bought mask, Otis from the Devil's Rejects, likes to step outside his shell and make a unique mask of his own.. With human flesh at least. This sequel to the House of 1000 corpses is as gory as it gets. The pivotal moment of the movie, is when Otis, removes a guys face straight up with a knife and then later places it on the face of the guys girlfriend. Imagine feeling that tender flesh and goo all over your face yukk!

22.- House of Wax 2005

Aside from having one of the hottest stars from Supernatural (Jared Padalecki) the movie is a "remake" from the 1953 film of the same name, even though the plot is completely different. The villain of the film wears as you would expect a "mask" completely made out of wax. I don't know if people consider this a mask per-say, but thought it would be cool to do so.

23.- Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon 2006

A mockumentary black comedy horror film behind the mask introduces a world where the killers depicted in famous slasher films are real. Leslie Vernon a man who claims to have the vengeful spirit of a slain boy but soon admits that he is an ordinary man goes on a killing spree. The mask being green with a sad grin, can easily give you the chills.

24.- Trick or Treat 2007

Who can forget super adorable Sam, he went thru different scenarios thru the film always representing the spirit of Halloween loud and proud. With a sack over his head and his little lollipop in hand, Sam brought the "cute" and terrifying to the pumpkin patch.

25.- The Orphanage (El Orfanato) 2007

Not only does this movie have a creepy kid, or two or three it actually has several of them. And they ALL happen to be right down scary (especially with that whole knocking on the wall thing). A woman who moves in with her family into what it used to be an old orphanage, soon realizes that her son starts to communicate with an invisible new friend.

26.- The Strangers 2008

A couple gets terrorized by a trio of "strangers" in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Armed with a sole knife a pin up girl, a guy with "sack" over his head and a doll-face mask, take the couple hostage and "play" with them throughout the night. This movie plays on the fear, that anyone can simply knock on your door, stalk you and easily kill you. A fantastic horror/thriller, this movie will keep you at the edge of your seat.

27.- The Hills Run Red 2009

Obsessed with the film, considered being the scariest movie ever made Tyler makes it his goal to find the last copy of the most brutal film ever made. Encountering along the way brutal serial killer known as "Baby-face". Wearing a baby like mask rounded off with what looks like barb-wire and the teeth nearly falling off, the mask is one of the most brutal ones I've seen in a while.

28.- The Collector & The Collection 2009-2012

In the spirit of "Saw" (Which in reality it was supposed to be a prequel) The collector is a maniacal and sadistic guy, who kidnaps and tortures his victims every way he can. I highly recommend this movie (and I wish there was a third one) but what really gets to you, is that you NEVER get to see what he really looks like thru both of the movies, leaving the mystery and the curiosity behind the dark mask.

29.- Laid to Rest 2009

Creating a path of terror and destruction the killer "ChromeSkull" is thirsty for a kill so he sets off for a night of fun. Wearing a chrome mask and covering his severe scars behind it, chromeskull is no friend, in regardless of that killer smile.

30.- The Final 2010

A great movie about revenge towards bullies, this film will make you think twice about taunting or being mean to anyone you know. The characters take revenge on those who tortured them and finally said no more. Our clever little friends disguise themselves with different costumes including a nazi guy, a white faceless mask, a clown, a scarecrow and a steampunk gas mask among others.

31.- Hostel 2011

One of our all time favorite torture-porn films Hostel never fails to deliver in the weird and un-expected. This time set in Las Vegas, Scott thinks he's gonna have the time of his life with his buddies when they get ready to celebrate his bachelor party. Not knowing the Elite Hunting Society has already taken residence in place and are ready to welcome any party goers willing to satisfy their sadism. One of the "torturers" wears a weird yet intriguing tribal mask which is why it makes this list.

32.- Smiley 2012

Sorry to say but this was one of my least favorite films I've seen in a while. Still it deserves a spot here since I think that the best thing about this film is the mask the so called killer "Smiley" wears. It's creative, creepy and all around gross.

33.- V.H.S 2012

Another great anthology of short horror films the movie offers a different prospective with every story. But what made it to the list was the simply yet scary clear mask. I know it might not seem like much, but armed the mask next to a bloody butchering knife or axe and there you go. You have a simply yet effective way to scare the crap out of people.

34.- You're Next 2013

The Davidson family thought that by having a family reunion they will bring everyone closer together, oh boy were they wrong. When some of the family members decide that it will be better off to kill off their loved ones instead of singing kumbaya, the night turns into a nightmare when they have to fend off from 3 strangers wearing 3 different animal mask. You're next is filled with awesome traps and a great plot.

35.- The Purge 2013-2014

Blessed be our new founding fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls. Blessed be America, a nation reborn. That's the motto of the Purge. With 12 hrs of freedom to allow all crime to be legal, lots of people take advantage of the purge. Armed with machetes, hand guns, knifes and so many other weapons, it was inevitable for some of those crazed people out there to also wear masks. The masks portrayed in the film are elongated with a sinister smile as you can see down below. The one's from the second part of the movie are mostly white with some sort of saying on it.

36.- Girlhouse 2014

The cameras don't stop rolling inside the "Girlhouse" when a delusional guy known as "Loverboy" thinks one of the new web-cam girls Kylie has made fun of him, he decides to pay a little visit to the x-rated house and exact his revenge on the beautiful bunch. Loverboy's mask actually looks like one of the mask leatherface would fabricate, goes to show that making a bigger hole around the lip area gives the mask a more atrocious look.

37.- See No Evil 2 2014

A film by one of my all time favorite directors the Soska twins, see no evil stars wwe wrestler Kane reprising his role as mass murderer Jacob Goodnight . His mind still trapped in an insane world where he has the need to punish the sinners. Jacob is back one more time to punish all those rotten ones who deserve it. Jacob didn't wear a mask on the first part, but he opted for a clear mask with some sort of silvering latching's around it, really doesn't cover much but I guess they wanted a bit of change.

Well that was the last in our countdown, do you know of another creepy mask we should know about? Let me know in the comment section. If you haven't checked out the firs part of this list, please be sure to click on the link . I hope you enjoyed the masks that made it to the list. In the meantime, don't forget to FOLLOW ME!!! For more creepy and scary content and remember until next time.. Sweet Screams!!


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