ByLynda Harris Jaeger, writer at

This is the most amazing thing I've heard all day! On one condition....anyone but Lea Michelle!!!!! Please Gleeks hold your hate! I've seen Wicked....and I've listened to several renditions of it from all over the world in many different languages. Yes, I know every word, but it's beautiful to hear it in a different language. Lea can't do it. She has an incredible voice, don't get me wrong! She's just too popsy, too breathy, and she has absolutely no ability to emote in any way when she sings. Listen to her version of defy gravity...just no. To do this musical justice you need to have the right players not TV/movie celebs who "look" like Broadway stars or played their daughter on TV.

Idina isn't even my favorite Elphaba to be frank. She's probably my sixth or seventh favorite. Emma Hunton, Christine Dwyer, Willajimin Verkaik are far superior to her. They put such a passion in their songs it carries you away! So my vote, is yes! BUT look to Broadway before you book those huge names. (POTO would be a good example....some bits were good but oh Gerard...such a talent...such passion...not a singer.) Also, don't change the story to drag it out! If you need a filler look to the book. If you need a loose thread to tie in a possible sequel....what do you know....the book HAS a sequel.


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