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Blood and oil, a soap opera, is the return of Nate Archibald into our lives. Except he is not really Nate Archibald, is he? He is not the golden boy this time, though he thinks he has the golden touch in the beginning.


Do you think it will be cancelled?

The show changed its name many times from the beginning of its production and promotion. One of its name was Boom. This was a fitting name since it begins on an oil boom in North Dakota and everyone was rushing there to find their golden oil. Oh! How much the word ‘golden’ is associated with Chace Crawford! The title ‘Boom’ also suggested there was going to be a lot of gunshots and explosions. How can it not promise that? The show is set in a place thriving of rednecks and and how often doesn’t an oil tank explode!

However, the title change is a good thing. ‘Blood and Oil’ is a fitting name for a soap opera. The oil cannot always be booming throughout the entire show, can it? Well… it did not. As of the third episode, we know that at least one of the oil banks is empty. And our dear Nate Archibald had put all his money in it thinking he would become rich… again! Doesn’t that sound very familiar?

It’s a bit too early for any speculation but I will make this one. We have seen how much Billy is not like Nate. In fact, Chace Crawford’s characters resemble each other very much! Is it the effect of Gossip Girl? One time in Gossip Girl summer when Serena had gone to California and as usual Nate followed with Chuck, Nate got offered a role to play a character that was identical to how he was. Maybe it stuck in the head of everyone. Like Nate, Billy is a caring, overly anxious, loving and faithful man. The people he loves come first in his life. But, Nate Archibald made pretty tough decisions when he was in difficulty and decided to make himself come first. I hope that’s what Billy does because he has a baby on the way and lots of money to make. However, we've also already seen, in Rocks and Hard Places, that he is not as ruthless as Hap Briggs.

Soap Opera means that there will be several seasons but I hope Chace Crawford will be there only for a few seasons and the priority passes over to someone else. I want to see Chace in other projects or it would be a total waste of talent.

As for the other actors, some of the best fitting ones are there. There is Wade from Hart of Dixie and that cool lanky guy from Greek (oh! He lost a lot of weight) who was in love with Casey but didn’t know it. It’s not always really a pleasure to see Don Johnson but he is fitting beside Chace Crawford.

I do not really rate new shows unless I know their fates for the next TV season. However, since the original order of 13 episodes has been cut to 10, I can assume that it's going to be cancelled. It would really be the fault of critics who are used to have to review Superhero and Vampire shows like The Flash and The Originals. Also, who wants to see their dear Dallas be crushed. I really think, that if taken in the right direction, Blood and Oil can reach this stage. Maybe it will take another two or three decades to crush shows like Dallas but if we don't keep an open mind to these recurring genres, we will be making the same mistakes of not accepting when the superhero genre comes back in thirty years and we're still comparing it to what we have now.


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