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Here are most of Zac Efron's movies ranging from Best to Worst:

Best movies:

1. Bad Neighbours

When Bad Neighbours was out as a movie everyone was rushing to the movies to see what a cool comedy it was. It had some really funny scenes and ones where Zac loved to be shirtless. (see above) I'm sure the fans didn't mind. His best asset in Bad Neigbours was his abs. I know a few people liked Seth Rogen because his comedy voice shunned the nation. In the end everyone was there for a taste of Zac Efron comedy.

2. Are We Officially Dating?

Are We Officially Dating was one of those movies where the whole plot line was funny. If you didn't laugh at Zac one second, you would be the next second. Although it may of had a lot of swearing in little bits of the film, it didn't affect the viewers laughter. It just made them laugh harder. To have a movie where you laugh hard at an actor like Zac Efron is a bonus because he normally is in a love story. Good on Zac for making a dating story comedy. In this case, a funny rom-com.

3. The Lucky One

When Zac Efron starred in 'The Lucky One' a lot of tears filled the nation. It was a love story with a lot of meaning. A lot of meaning as in it covered a topic that people don't laugh at often. The topic was about losing people in war and how sad it can be to lose somone in a tragedy like that.

Zac played a man who had come back from a world war after fighting for a long time and went to live back at his family member's place. If the nephews of his came to happily wake up their uncle, he thought it was someone trying to hurt him again in war and nearly shot his nephews because of so much memories of the treacherous war. Anyway on the topic. A note was found by Zac's character that was meant for another woman who's husband had died in the war. Zac's main objective in this love story was to find this woman to deliver the note to. In the end the whole story turns out beautiful and really gets people thinking they can still find love after war. Good movie if you're into romance films/novels.

4. Charlie St. Cloud

This Zac Efron movie was great for people to learn how to cope after a family member dies. Very heartbreaking for some. Also a great learning experience turned into a love story. The main story of this movie was showing a person how to recover after seeing death and making sure they know how to without thinking they can see them all the time, then getting upset. Conclusion is: Get a hobby and keep to it. Through getting that hobby Zac's character gained love and got his deceased family member out of his mind.

Worst Movies:

1. High School Musical 1, 2 and 3

Zac Efron really put himself in a bad position when he starred in the three High School Musical films. A lot people thought that his singing in those movies was lame and not him. Some people even classed it as a gay movie which is mean I know but really he shouldn't of put himself in a movie made by Disney. In the end, people weren't really that interested unless they were young teenagers who fantasized over having Troy Bolton aka Zac Efron singing to them.

2. 17 Again

When Zac starred in 17 Again it wasn't really an interesting film for his fans to watch. I mean really who wants to watch a film where they do repetitive acting and go back to the start to change what had already happened. Sure you'd like to be young again but don't make a movie on a person becoming a certain age again. It just makes people annoyed watching someone growing up again. Yeah sure Zac's hot but this movie was annoying from start to finish.

3. We Are Your Friends

Zac was a DJ with a few friends trying to make money to pay off his house with his friends. DJ. Doesn't that one word of doing that for a whole movie make you feel annoyed already. Sure DJing is cool. Try watching it for a whole movie. Then you will get sick of it. This movie went low in ratings from the start. Not too many people went to watch this movie. It sunk in ratings from start to finish. Sorry Zac. Not too many people like your DJing skills.


What Zac Efron movie did you like the best?


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