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yesterday i did a wb games montreal next game and i had to sleep so i i am redoing couse yeterday was not the best so lets begin

1 leaked/kinda confirmed

the first game has been leaked since july and also nolan north teases it to so yeah i am excited and worried for this couse i want to have tis but it is hard to make

1 concept art leaked

as you can see t is a superman game and if you look at the first art with doomsday and brainac you can see how the game would be called and that is

superman unbound i like the name i have not sen it but there is a superman animated movie caled superman unbound so yeah i am excited

2 the cast atleast a big part off

nolan north kal-el/clark kent/superman

ashley greene as louise lane

mark hamill as brainac

jonathan banks as lex luthor

scott porter as jimmy olsen

troy baker as general zod

john noble doomsday

your mom from the kent familly unkown

khara/supergirl unkown

jonathan kent unknown

jor-el you real dad unknown

luara your real mom unknown

the story

i want the story to begin with first superman his origin story an after you see that i wuld like to see khara/supergirl her origin i watch the new show and i watched a animeted superman/batman

now the gameplay and world designs or rean/supergirl movie and i dont want to see khara her story <ith her parents from earh but superman his yess but in flashbacs throughout the game that you dont get everything a the begining or the game would be a little bit boring do it in flashbacks please

the main 2 villains need to be doomsday and brianac

the gameplay

the gameplay for superman games are really hard the same goes for the world see i do want every ^power that he has but i want this to happen that you cann only use it for that amount off time so for exaple the not getting killed thing say for the try to dodge the bullets but if you want to se your bulletproof body you can use only for like 20 minutes or something like that no i also want coop and multiplayer but not with custimization and with coop missions i mean fo example a flash team up mission or greenarrow or more like cyborg or green lantern and of course wonder woman and supergirl which for the the justice league characters do that for the main game for each one mision but i do want to hav alot off supergirl coop missions

the multiplayer i want multiplayer but for dlc in season pass rach month you get n he seaso pass with loads off other stuff like a multiplayer free roam for like 2 days firt and every month that changes

things i want for dlc i would like a suicide squaddlc and coule months after that a justice leauge dlc ad yeah

nw that does it for the kinda confirmedc game but they sid here are 2 games now what could be the seccond one

idea number 1

a green arrow game

i would love a green arrow game but what does it need

no caled the arrow the means call him directly the green arrow and make him funny do funny things with the weapons let him have the mustach and dont do batman villans only 2 batman villains but no not the main villains why do i say all this couse well geen arrow right green arrow is a batman character but funniyer and he can be dark but only do that for like interigating people but in the arrow show i like the show but now it is getting beyter ut the first three seasons where too much batman the main villain in the first season was a green rrow viilain but the first season was like batman begins all over again the ssecond season was great and not great arrow stll being batman villain more batfammily and thrd season really thy whent to far litarlly ras l ghul like the third season was the baddest out off all of them now seaso 4 the best only the made him green arrow they made him funnier and a more green arrow villain

so in the game i want this to be all the good characters that trust you

felicty smoke/ the hacker

john diggle more like green lantern john stewart or the guardian thea qeuun

black canary aka your love interest

thea qeeun aka speedy i know that thea in the comics is not speedy but i like here more then speedy in the comics

roy harper/red arrow

mr terrifec

ray plmer/the atom and felicty love interest

and that does it for that

the main villains

damien darkh

malcom merlm

other villains


the card guy


bronz tiger


and i would no know more

idea number two for second gae

the flash game

which i woul love to get serioisly but i will give ain villains suporting character and side villains

1 main villains

zoom the flash season 2 style

and eobard thawne reverse flash

2 suporting heroes

wally west


firestorm jackson
and profesor stein

jack garrick

side villains

weather wizards bth

captain cold

golden glider

that electric dude from the first season off the show

the metal guy from the show

the brain control guy from tv show

killer frost

other firestorms

heat wave


nd that is it for te wb games speculaton now leave your thoughts i the comments below

and yeah see you on the next one


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