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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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The newest Gravity Falls episode, is one that really sends chills especially so close to Halloween, I think creator Alex Hirsch intentionally made it scary and creepy.
And yes, we all know and understand that even though, Dipper did what I knew he would do like admit that he wasn't able to defeat Bill twice without his sister. And definitely Wendy acknowledges that something between the two of them is special because, they are a force to be reckoned with together.

Which leads me to my concerns, especially with me thinking about it through the whole episode, because of Bill trapping Mabel in the bubble implying that he's going to gather everyone on the Cipher wheel maybe, but then again, why make Stanford gold and like a statue right? Or even threaten Pine Tree(Dipper), and also what about the Journals? Ahh definitely the next episode is going to deal with all of those and you can expect a gravity falls episode to be two weeks from the episode that just aired so most likely, the next episode will be on the 9th of November. But anyways the concern which I had was Dipper finding out that it was actually Mabel who gave the Rift to Blendin who was possessed at the time of course by Bill.
And I totally called that Time Baby was going to be there because like Blendin got possessed and definitely the apocalypse sort of alludes to like a future of Time Baby where everything is destruction.

I definitely thought there was going to more of a fight but hey who am I to complain. But I think it was important to note that Bill said that time was dead, and that maybe an allusion to Mabel getting her wish. But definitely a love for this episode has to go to the animation stylings in this one especially because Alex probably went to his animation guys and went okay let's get real weird. Like and then threw these monsters which appeared in the theme title by the way, and it was really cool. But the other thing that was awesome was all the different animation styles from anime to Minecraft style and definitely some live action as well that was put in there,definitely showing that Alex knows his movie styles as well because, definitely the car chases scenes for me was a big homage to Mad Max:Fury Road and then the Black and White scene with Gideon and Ghost Eyes, were an homage to film Noir. I definitely want to see what's going to happen next, and I thought this was going to be the finale just because, the last episode alluded a lot to that, especially with Alex saying that the show will definitely end when summer ends but now that time is dead in Gravity Falls, that might just be a little while longer.

For me I think that I'll skip the drama scene with Dipper and Mabel just because I know that's warranted but it still would hurt, watching Dipper kinda lose his trust in his sister maybe. And I hope they don't mope and dope around but you know they're going to have to. But hey, let's agree to disagree and all embrace the weirdmaggedon. By the way, I love the fact that Gompers turned into like a Godzilla of sorts, and like Stan was like maybe I should run and also Soos, being praised with folk songs.



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