ByElissa Sue Constant, writer at

All of these are very valid points. Especially the camera angle one. I thought the viewpoint seemed a bit off. This episode absolutely devastated me. My heartbreak split between the notion of no more Glen and the possibility of having to witness Maggie's reaction if he is truly gone. I understand that the show has to have losses and that tragedy is an unavoidable reality for a show of this caliber. But... Why Glen? Why now? Why in this manner? I'm left reeling with questions, complaints and confusion. I really hope that he isn't gone. The pros for Glen's character remaining on TWD far outweigh the cons. I firmly believe this and the following is why...

1. Since Beth's death Glen has become a symbol of hope and true goodness. His moral values stand out. Its like a little beacon shining out from the extremely heavy and dark tones set by other characters and the ever twisting plot.

2. Does he really deserve to die after choosing to be so forgiving and brave? I find the irony of dying due to the actions of someone you have spared and genuinely tried to help in extremely poor taste. It takes away from all the great things Glen stood for.

3. What about Maggie? We've watched this amazing woman lose her home. Witness her own Father's murder. Lose her sister, be given hope and then lose her all over again. She's survived so much. Maggie and Glen are a powerful team. Their love is inspiring. I think losing him might finally break her down too much. A "lost" Maggie isn't something that I believe would be good in any way for the group at all.

Well... maybe I'm just rambling...maybe no one agrees...but I'm going to remain an optimist. We need Glen.


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