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It's all getting quite exciting now, isn't it? With a mere two days to go until Grimm Season 5 returns to our screens for what may be its most anticipated season yet fans are getting pretty excited, and the spoilers just keep coming.

In case you've somehow forgotten (or have had your memory stolen by a hexenbiest) Grimm Season 4 left us with the ex-hexenbiest Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) pregnant by Nick Burkhart (David Giuntoli); Kelly Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) killed and beheaded by the Verrat, and the hexenbiest-turned love of Nick's life Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) shot dead by Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) following her part in Kelly's death.

Basically it was a pretty bad season to be a Grimm girl, which might be why they're bringing in...

Selina Golias

We've known for a while yet that Scream queen Carlson Young will be introduced in a new recurring role in Season 5 as Selina Golias, a young woman who ends up protecting the survivor of a wesen attack that resulted in the death of her boyfriend. By doing so she attracts the attention of the wesen King, who targets her in order to get to the survivor she harbours as part of an ongoing feud.

We're not yet sure if she'll be wesen or human, though her link to the uprising does make it likely that she'll be the former.

But she's not the only new character we'll be seeing in Season 5...

Felix Dietrich

TVLine founder and king of the spoiler room, Michael Ausiello earlier this week dropped yet another new character on us, this time in the form of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell)'s uncle, Felix Dietrich.

The German uncle of everyone's favourite blutbad is described as "bespectacled, bookish [and] slightly off-center." Hmm, now who does that sound like? Clearly there's going to be a lot of parallels drawn between Monroe and his uncle, let's just hope that he takes the news of his nephew's marriage to Rosalee (Bree Turner) better than Monroe's parents did....

Ausiello goes on to describe a little more about Monroe's uncle, and it sounds like he's going to be pretty helpful when it comes to Nick rebuilding his wesen knowledge stockpile after hexenbiesty-Juliette set fire to his Aunt Marie (Kate Burton)'s trailer...

"In the course of his work as an antiquarian bookseller, Felix will come across some very old volumes about Grimms — which is helpful, considering Juliette destroyed a lot of that kind of thing when she torched the trailer — then find himself followed by those who are willing to kill in order to secure the books. He’ll show up in the United States to ask for Monroe’s help. Look for Uncle Felix to make his debut in Episode 10."

We don't yet know who will be portraying Felix Dietrich when he makes his first appearance, but since he won't be showing up till Episode 10 there's still plenty of time for that.

It's also probably safe to assume that things with Nick's warpath of revenge will have calmed down a little by the time Felix arrives on scene and he'll be looking to start rebuilding his life after everything that happened in Season 4. And who knows, by then he may even be hearing the pitter patter of tiny, possibly hexenbiesty feet...

Grimm Season 5 debuts with Episode 1: The Grimm Identity on Friday October 30th on NBC.

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