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Now, with DC's antiheroic actioner Suicide Squad edging ever closer to hitting our screens, it's not too surprising that anticipation levels among fans are rising at an ever-increasing pace. After all, not only is the film set to bring classic comic book favorites like The Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot to the screen, but it's also set to star a whole host of beloved actors, including current youth icon Cara Delevingne.

Up till now, though, we've only managed to catch fleeting glimpses of Delevingne's character -- Enchantress -- in trailers and promotional material, with the look of her costume in the final film remaining something of a mystery. Which likely explains the excitement that surrounded Delevingne's recent appearance on the cover of Empire Magazine, in her full costume.

The only problem?

Enchantress's Costume Looks Like This

Which, as terrifying metallic bikinis go, is a very nice one. There's a touch of the Aztec about it. Very Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. Butt-numbingly scary. All in all, it's an impressive and accomplished piece of costume design.

There is, however, a pretty substantial issue: It's a metal bikini. As a superhero costume.

Which, as Donna Dickens over at Hitfix (along with many others) points out, is...problematic, to say the least. As she notes:

"I could talk about how dressing Enchantress like this is problematic in that now most of the women in “Suicide Squad” are overtly sexualized. Even Katana doesn’t escape unscathed, her midriff revealed in lieu of her body armor. I could discuss at length how equating sorceresses/witchcraft with sexuality is a hallmark of western society “othering” different cultures. I could mention that even Cara Delevingne has gone on record saying that female superheroes dressed in bikinis is sexist."

Instead, though, she goes on to raise an equally valid point that cuts to the very core of the problem:

Enchantress' 'Suicide Squad' Costume Looks Nothing Like the Original Comic Book Version

Which, on the one hand, isn't necessarily a problem. After all, a whole lot of superhero movie costumes over the years have only borne a passing resemblance to the comic book originals, and -- though often annoying -- it's not necessarily a cause for alarm.

When a comic book original that -- though certainly revealing and somewhat sexualized -- was actual everyday clothing is transformed into an actual piece of underwear, though, questions need to be asked.

After all, there's a very big difference between this...

...and this...

...and, in a movie filled with fully-clothed men in often strikingly comic book faithful costumes...'s surely problematic that the female cast members have had their costumes adjusted to be (in Enchantress' case substantially) more revealing than the comic book original. As Dickens puts it:

"Passive sexism is still sexism."

What do you reckon, though?

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