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"I'm never going to hear her voice again, other than how I've heard it."

Adele has emerged with unprecedented force with her new single 'Hello' and confirmed release date of her third album '25.' 'Hello' is set to become the biggest digital song of 2015 despite being released in the fourth quarter and its music video has already amassed over 110 million views on youtube.

Girlfriend takes it in her stride.
Girlfriend takes it in her stride.

So it came as a tear-jerking surprise to learn Adele owed even the most fundamental decision to do music (Adele's original plan was to be a doctor) to the late Amy Winehouse, who was Adele's peer at The Brit School.

In an interview with I-D magazine, Adele opened up about the 'Back To Black' star, commenting:

"If it wasn't for Amy and Frank [Amy's debut album], one hundred per cent I wouldn't have picked up a guitar, I wouldn't have written Daydreamer or Hometown and I wrote Someone Like You on the guitar too,”

Adele also discussed how she dealt with Amy's untimely death at age 27. The 'Make You Feel My Love' star stated:

“I loved her and I went through my own massive grieving process as her fan. I'd finally got to a place where I felt really great about the impact she'd had on my life, in every way.”

Adele also discussed going to see the Amy Winehouse documentary entitled Amy that she now regrets:

"I felt like I was intruding so I actually felt a little bit uncomfortable and that ruined it for me. I love watching her, but I kind of wish I hadn't seen it.”
Poster for the Amy documentary
Poster for the Amy documentary

Both having gone to The Brit School, the constant comparisons of music and style throughout Adele's career, as well as being the same age as Amy when she died must make watching a documentary about the 'Frank' star's death particularly poignant.

Both of the stars' careers have met astounding and iconic success worldwide, and Amy's tale involves the bitter side of intense fame dealing with drug and alcohol addiction under persistent scrutiny of the general public.

Perhaps it is Amy's tragic tale, one of wasted opportunity and greatly missed talent, that has made Adele completely withdraw from media attention.

After Adele's colossal success back in 2011/12 with '21' that went on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide (an unbelievable feat in a download-driven and rapidly declining music industry), Adele gave birth and raised her son.

No wonder this is why after all the time, Adele is still the down-to-earth gorgeously Cockney Londoner that we all fell in love with. In a recent interview, Adele admitted that being a mother was "f*cking hard." We love how she has retained her bluntness.

It is lovely to see Adele pay tribute to Amy with such fondness and it's so crazy to think that without Amy Winehouse to pave the way, there would have been no 'Chasing Pavements,' 'Someone Like You' or 'Rolling In The Deep.' Amy will truly be remembered as a legend that inspired other legends.

Watch the music video for 'Hello' below!


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