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Agents of SHIELD has become one of the most exciting shows on television and people are finally started to catch on to that. One of the biggest questions from last season was where Simmons ended up. Many theories were voiced, including my own (which actually got me started writing on this site). We found out that she had been sent away, but where to? I'm here to voice a theory on where. Before I begin...


We all good? Here we go!

So where was Simmons? Let's look at the facts:


  • The planet was desolate
  • The sun took months to come up
  • It is theorised that the planet was once a "paradise"
  • The planet was suggested to have "moods"
  • There was a creature on the planet
  • The planet drives people insane
  • The planet is not in our solar system
  • The planet has displayed signs of hostile life in the form of tentacles emerging from a lake

Throughout the episode I had multiple theories. I thought the hooded figure was Chthon, a Galactus fill-in, Death and Infinity among others. I even thought the planet was a pre-Kree Hala, but I eventually came to only one outcome, an outcome that kept coming back to me in the episode:

The Planet Is Ego The Living Planet

For those unfamiliar with the character, Ego is a pretty self-explanatory character. Ego is a living planet, an intelligent being with psionic powers. A full rundown of it can be found HERE. Basically, I think Simmons is on Ego. Here's why:

  • Ego has shown the ability to be a desolate desert as well as a forest. Given that the planet was desolate and was suggested to at one point be a "paradise" this makes sense
  • Ego is heavily related to the Thor comics. The Thor stories have been some of the major tie-ins with Agents of SHIELD, from the Dark World tie-in to the appearance of Sif (twice) to the appearance of Elliot Randolph (twice as well, once with the tie-in and once by himself). Also given that Ragnarok is set to change the Marvel landscape, this is a good setup, like with Inhumans last season, and with the biggest shakeup of Phase 2 (Winter Soldier) being integral to the backend of Season 1. If the creature was actually Death itself, it could definitely work to set up Infinity War with the romantic plot-point of Thanos and Death that may or may not actually come into the movie. I definitely think it's one of these, considering the show's move from reactive to proactive in the past 2 seasons.
  • Ego has two structures (which I'm assuming are moons) slightly above it (as pictured in the top left on the Ego picture above), and Simmons can see something sort of like that when she looks into the sky. Slightly differing from the comics, but the moon in the distance could also have been Id, the Selfish Moon
  • Ego can move around, thus avoiding the sun.
  • Ego has a massive ego and hates being defeated. This is why Ego tried to separate Simmons and from the portal twice (once with the canyon and next with the sandstorm)
  • Ego has moods and can change everything on its surface, thus having the ability to create sandstorms
  • Ego is a psionic being who could theoretically drive people insane
  • Ego can create tentacles, and the planet had some tentacled creature on it.
  • Ego is trying to stop Simmons and Will from getting away by using one of its comicbook abilities, which is the ability to create humanoids to act as its vessel.
  • Simmons could most definitely be in the Black Galaxy

So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Where was Simmons? What was the creature on the planet? Do you want me to expand on anything here, like the idea of it being a Galactus fill-in? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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