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Last year, there was huge hype surrounding a possible movie adaptation of one of the highest grossing Broadway musicals in recent decades, Wicked.

As the news spread like wildfire on the Internet, loyal fans were firing questions right-left-and-center, wondering: is it appropriate to put such an iconic Broadway show onto the big screen? Would the story be changed? And most importantly, who would take on the gravity defying roles so wonderfully immortalized by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth?

Menzel and Chenoweth as Elphie and Glinda
Menzel and Chenoweth as Elphie and Glinda

While we still have limited details regarding the live action Wicked, just for fun, I've put together some ideas of who I think would add an extra sprinkle of magic to the legendary Broadway musical:

1. Samantha Barks as Elphaba

In my opinion, Les Miserables star Samantha Barks could definitely fit the bill for green witch Elphaba. For one, she certainly has the musicality and the emotional range to really let the character tug at our heartstrings.

Oh, and if you think Samantha doesn't have what it takes to belt out 'Defying Gravity,' think again. She's already met Idina Menzel and absolutely killed the ballad on British TV show I'd Do Anything:

2. Kristen Bell as Glinda

She's already proven her vocals with her phenomenal performance as Anna in Frozen, and has a legion of fans supporting her every move. She would translate seamlessly into the good witch's sparkly shoes.

Also, I can totally see her owning 'Popular.' Here's the original:

3. Meryl Streep as Madame Morrible

Whatever happens, we simply have to get Streep on board, if only to guarantee the movie an Oscar nomination. And she will be terrific at belting out those big tunes, if her role in Mamma Mia is anything to go by.

And if you combine her part in August: Osage County with her formidable performance in The Devil Wears Prada, you've got a perfect Madame Morrible.

4. Zac Efron as Fiyero

No stranger to musicals, ex-High School Musical Hollywood hunk Zac Efron will do well as handsome prince Fiyero -- he's basically played a similar character already in Hairspray:

He'll definitely please the ladies!

5. Anna Kendrick as Nessarose

If anything, we need Kendrick to show off her musical prowess by performing a Pitch Perfect cup version of 'The Wicked Witch of the East.' Just imagine.

6. Daniel Radcliffe as Boq

Despite being used to leading roles, Dan would also be perfect as the comically awkward half-Munchkin Boq. He's already proven he can sing and has that comedic timing down to a T.

Plus, Radcliffe has always been a huge fan of Broadway, so why not give him the opportunity to star in more projects? Check out his performance at the 2011 Tony Awards:

7. Joel Grey as The Wizard

Why not cast a wonderful tribute to the original musical and cast the Joel Grey in the movie role too? The musical theater legend knows the Broadway role back-to-front already, is still an appropriate age and, let's face it, is probably the only one who can fill The Wizard's shoes:

8. Morgan Freeman as Doctor Dillamond

Morgan Freeman has perfected the role of God, and has one of the most comforting voices in the industry. This of course makes him perfect for the role of Dr. Dillamond, the Shiz University talking Goat professor who almost acts like a father figure to Elphie.

What do you think?

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