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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

The Forest Of Fear, Series One, Episode Three

This episode starts of with the Doctor and his companions trapped in the Cave Of Skulls. All the skulls in the room have been split open. The moon is dark as it cuts to the creepy old women who I still don’t know what her name is, as she picks up a sharp suspicious looking rock, that was likely what coursed the deaths of the people in Cave Of Skulls. I thought she was going to kill them, so creepy lady please get killed of by a monster thanks, bye.

The Doctor and his companions have a nice little chat in the cave. Ian being the helpful one, while the Doctor at first is a downer and raining on their parade, despite his grumpiness I find myself enjoying his character but also intrigued most of all, though he soon turns around to help, shocking everyone, the doctor is helping? Is this a different universe? Calm down Babara, you have known this man for like an hour, helping isn’t a so rare of his character yet that it should come a surprise, mind you he did just kidnap them so maybe her shock might be well founded, though a bit slow paced the scene made up for it with a great line “Fear makes companions of us all” True, Doctor, true.

Though your line about hope wasn’t needed, I figured that out myself and also way to cheesy. Stay away from the cheese Doctor! Some Doctor’s it suites, others not so much…this if I haven’t made myself clear, includes you and Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor.

Not long after that I hear a sound I’m never going to forget, Susan screaming, oh my god, please put a sock in it. I actually feel sorry for her but not Susan, the actress, its not her fault she got stuck with the screaming that makes me want someone to tell her character to shut up or put a hand over her mouth but mind you she did have the right to scream, I’d scream to if I saw that creepy lady that wants them killed. Maybe Susan could deafen her and that’s how they get away.

“You will not make fire” The creepy caveman lady words. Then it quickly cuts away to a different scene, making us believe she is about to try and kill them, though I know obviously she won’t because then it would be a very short series and- wow my brain as just exploded, no one would have known what Doctor Who is! It’ll just be another of those programs that disappears in history, I know not were… I seriously could not imagine the world without Doctor Who!

Meanwhile Za and the caveman women he wants to basically marry (Not sure what they did in caveman times for that) Realize the old creepy lady is gone. The caveman women was awake when she left. Za is pissed that she let the creepy old lady go and didn’t go after her. I’m not sure why she didn’t either as she ignores that question when he asks it, maybe the writers just didn’t think a answer up. Then pushes her over when she gets him angry accidentally, and that’s obviously the way to treat the women you have feelings for Za, well done, why she wants to be with you I do not know. He stops doing anything else because they can hear the crazy creepy lady talking to the Doctor and his companions.

Now here’s the twist, she sets them free. Wow, you may be of my characters I want to die because their to creepy list. Only if they promise not to make fire though and what makes me think that promise will fall flat on its face?

Za and the caveman women try to move the rock, somehow not noticing the way the creepy lady came in. You don’t have to move the rock dude, there is another way it and its seriously not that difficult to fined, Za mate? There is a large crack covered up by bark and leaves and all that crap, how can you not see that?! And why is it suddenly easier to move that boulder without the caveman’s help? That doesn’t make much sense?

The Doctor and his companions manage to escape into the forest while the old women does not and decides to dally and stay still once Za and the caveman women come in and let them pull her away from the exit, yeah, yeah that totally makes sense to stay behind with the cavemen knowing you betrayed them and they have a habit of killing people with stones, totally makes sense…

Then you attack him, right, right. Can I just say, a lot of this episode though a interesting watch, seriously does not make sense? I have a feeling I will be saying this a lot in this review and that includes the ending part, yes I have NOT forgotten about you, unless the cavemen are alien’s with super-speed or teleportation I don’t understand how- Okay there is a lot of things I don’t understand in this episode but I will go back to that later on.

The caveman women convinces Za to go after the Doctor and his companions, despite there being a beast out there, I would bet by this point if this doesn’t lead to trouble I will give away my right arm. Though also wishing for the characters sake’s that he ignored her, this time however this doesn’t happen but it does lead to a very different scene with the Doctors character which is interesting and even a little shocking to watch. And also ready for the baddest acting you have ever seen, the creepy old lady attacks Za to stop him and he wacks her one then she is on the floor, groaning very loudly, and very unconvincingly. Seriously it physically hurts me to watch.

We are now back with the Doctor and his companions. The Doctor is having a breather, its so strange to see him like this, I doubt I could imagine the Peter Capaldi’s Doctor like this. The Doctor actually is very tired from all that walking, its different to see that they’re showing us despite the fact his a alien he still has human basic needs because of his age and his not superhuman or anything, I quite like this human element of the Doctor, it also shows us his pride but also vulnerability. How he doesn’t want to admit to them his weakening but also shows fear in the form of denial when Barbra sees something.

Have to say I am getting really irritated with the two women main characters. Barbra broke into hysteric’s, seems like she has decided to copy Susan, while despite being a alien herself, she has shown no differences from her to a ordinary 15 year old girl, a especially wimpy one at that.

It also showing the Doctor and Susan’s fear, it gives us the impression that they both haven’t been in this type of danger before, while the Doctor’s I know are constantly in it, sometimes even for fun it seems or because they were bored, despite being old its intriguing to see the Doctor so young in life and death situations, not having made the decision that changed him forever in the time war. Though a little sad to think the Doctor in our time seems in his element, this I feel highlights even more changes to who he is and the situations he is going to be in that change him.

Barbara in hysteric’s again as Ian tries to calm her down. With Susan clinging on to her grandfather for dear life. To be honest out of the women in this episode, the caveman women despite having no hesitation to kill the group if needed, has become my most likeable women character, though that has probably to do with the fact she hasn’t broken down in hysteric’s yet.

The Doctor and Ian have a bicker about who is leading this party, which I found quite fun. Don’t pretend Ian, I bet eventually once you and the Doctor get to know each other when he says jump, you’ll say how high? But their argument is quite entertaining. Then Barbra who must have taken notes from Susan starts screaming, oh my god, why? Why? Over-reacting much? Its a severed warthog’s head, which I do find odd as I don’t think they were around back then. However it does look very creepy, despite it looking very fake, so well done on the creepiness level, I think its the warthog’s eyes, staring up at the sky, maybe at the heavens that gets me…

Though thanks to Barbara's scream, Za and the caveman women hear them, well done Barbara…

The Doctor and his companions hide when they hear Za and his wife coming to find them, they hide in the most obvious place in the world with their heads sticking out but hey, cavemen are supposed to be blind right? Well it seems like Za and the cavemen women are as they don’t see them and decide to investigate something that was clearly growling at them aggressively from behind a bush and its the beast they’ve been talking about! (I think) Who would have guessed?

Though to be fair Za was trying to protect the caveman women when he went to check it out and is attacked, quickly cut away to the caveman women screaming! Because-this-is-a-childrens-program-and-our-special-affects-are-probably-so-bad-if-we-tried-to-do-a-beast-onscreen-and-we’re-on-a-tight-budget! And still are surprisingly, despite this being one of the longest successful program’s on British television.

Though after the attack Barbara is finally talking sense as cold heart Ian and the Doctor want to leave but she and Susan want to help the cavemen that probably wouldn’t blink while smashing their skulls in. Wow Ian and the Doctor are agreeing on something, its a miracle! Ian jumps on bored while cynical Doctor, who seems to have forgotten why he chose that name in the first place still wants to leg it. Your name means healer does it not Doctor? And theres a wounded man over there? Hello? Mind you it also means wise man so maybe thats why he kept his distance, though its only speculation and on River Song’s part I’m thinking this.

They have to convince the caveman women they are friendly by acting like they’re speaking to three year old’s and speak different languages which they should as I swear cavemen don’t know english, oh wait, I know the answer to this! The Tardis has a telepathic translation device thing right? Though it’ll be interesting to see if that’s a new doctor who thing or not.

The Doctor just wants to leave, not wanting to help out at all, I have not known a Doctor who did not want to help people before and only looked after himself and very few people, this includes Susan, though I don’t think despite his grumpiness in them helping the “savage” cavemen that he would probably have a more different attitude if Ian or Barbara were hurt, despite not really liking them, he still seems to take in their opinions into account and though reluctantly and sulks afterwards he still listens and that is a big indicator I feel that this man can become a more caring person or maybe someone will shove some of Susan’s personality down his throat, who knows? Only Doctor who knows! Ha, see what I did there?…No?…You don’t care?…Right, um anyway, despite Doctor being a cynical old man, he has some points that people should listen to at all costs and Ian does.

Yes I Ian may be growing on me, though it also may be the fact his the only other main character apart from the cavemen who hasn’t screamed and broken down when there was no need to yet.

The Doctor knows that the creepy old women will have probably told the other cavemen, ignoring naive Barbara, the Doctor is sort of right, though its really not all the cavemen they have to worry about, just a certain someone named Kal that loves telling fibs and proves to me its Za I should be routing for, as sometimes they seem to be just as bad as each other but no I think I prefer Za, lets see how many times that opinion will change.

We have another short scene with the creepy lady and Kal, who finds out, Za and the caveman women and the Doctor and his companions are missing. The creepy lady also decides its totally fine to give away the fact she betrayed him and other other cavemen, like why not? Its not like he’ll smash your skull with a rock that’ll kill you right? Oh wait…

I did feel a small amount of sympathy for how her death was used but that’s it. As honestly her death was pretty much her own fault and she also creeped me out, though it is pretty dark implying how she must have died though, with Kal raising the stone like that, no wonder they cut away to a different scene this is a family show after all.

Next scene, Susan acting like a scared human again, who is serious scared of the slightest twitch, for gods sake the caveman women wasn’t trying to hurt you. Wow its so strange for a character to be my favorite the first time I ever saw her and now, well she is beginning to lower her self to my least favorite character on the show. Though after Barbara manages to get her to agree to help them find their way back to their “cave”, fire in return, with Za chipping in to convince his “wife to be” and proving once again why I’m starting to prefer him to Kal as he is talking sense, something very curious happens…

The Doctor picks up Za’s weapon (Stone) And appears to hold it as if he is ready to kill Za with it, to get away quicker maybe and this turned my head. What? What?! Did the Doctor try and kill someone? I just don’t know what to make of this scene, some things make sense why the Doctor would do that, while others could be a false lead. It did look like the Doctor was going to kill Za, but was that because he just wanted Susan and him save so they could get back without getting hurt? Or was there something more going on there as why would he raise the stone near Za’s leg, not his head if he was going to kill him? Luckily or maybe unluckily if the Doctor was trying to do something else Ian, stops him, grabbing the Doctor’s wrist.

The Doctor’s excuse? “I was going to get him to draw our way back to the Tardis” I smell bullshit and so does Ian. Ooh this darker Doctor is defiantly more intriguing and the more I see of him, the more I want to know about his character and that is what mysterious character like the Doctor should do, I am very pleased with the Doctor’s character so far. So far so good. I can see interesting character growth for him, hopefully that will mellow him out more, like Sherlock from season 1 to season 3 but at the moment I like his darker, more unfeeling attitude.

Now you may remember earlier I was saying Kal was telling fibs and it was something to do with the creepy ladies death, well we are coming on to that now. Kal is trying to convince the tribe that Za and the caveman women have helped the Doctor and his companions get away, the caveman women’s father isn’t to pleased with this and thinks rightfully so she isn’t guilty, they decide it would be best to ask the old creepy lady, not knowing her fate.

With over dramatic music the cavemen, apart from Kal, realize she is dead and now this is where it gets a bit odd again. Kal says “My eyes tell me what has happened, as they do when I sleep” No I think that’s called dreaming mate..

Kal then constructs a load of bull at what actually happened, painting Za and the caveman women as traitors and Za having killed creey lady. Yeah I am so on Za’s side for this. And because his eyes tell Kal what happened then it somehow must be true? What? What? Where we humans seriously this gullible at that time, did we not understand the concepts of lies? As in, don’t believe the utter bullshit that comes out of Kal’s mouth?

We also did not need the caveman women’s father to tell us she is dead, I think I and everybody else who had watched it could tell that, thanks though, might have been the stillness, the blood coming from her mouth and the dead eyed look, I know you think we did, but we seriously didn’t miss them. And wow the other cavemen make Kal look like the best actor in the world, seriously, there was no expression on them and all they did was groan over dramatically when needed, which sounded like a few others were slowly dying in the background.

Earlier in this review I complained something near the ending not making sense and the cavemen seemed to be having super speed or teleportation, guess what it is. The Doctor and his companions and the two cavemen just find the Tardis, then…then Kal and the tribe are there waiting for them! What the?! Where did you come from? Where? Was there a short cut I didn’t know about and nor did Za, even though his been in the tribe longer, I mean just HOW DID YOU GET TO THE TARDIS UNDER THREE SECONDS AND FASTER THAN THE OTHERS? How? How?! I’m just…so confused.

And that’s it for this episode, I was interested and confused about this episode.

Doctor Who: Wow if he was doing what it looked like he was doing his character got a hell of a lot darker. He is so different from the other Doctor’s I have seen, I enjoy watching him on screen and love how the more I see him the more I want to learn about him.

Susan: Didn’t do a lot in this episode, she hardly was a help to anything, to just let us know this place is very scary though we knew that already and did not need the constant fearfulness of her character, she has gone so downhill from the old pilot.

Ian Chesterton: I actually started warming up to his character in this episode, I know its a miracle. He seems practical and calm under pressure, thinking up logical explenation to things and actually trying to do something about their situation, though despite this he doesn’t have anything that interesting about his character, just the ability to argue with the Doctor at the moment. He seems a mix between the Doctors thinking or hard logic, well he can accept cold facts but and between Barbara, a much more emotional and human side to him that the Doctor has yet to gain, unlike the other Doctors I know who have great lumps of it, especially Davids Tennant’s Doctor who I think if you really had to compare, was the one who in the end gave a dam about every single life, even giving mercy to his arch enemies, this includes Davros and the Master and even seemed upset with how his human double dealt with the Dalek’s. The others did to but I think if I HAD to compare them his doctor cared the most.

Barbara Write: Taken a stupid leaflet from Susan’s book, stop screaming! Though however unlike Susan she did do somethings that helped people out, other than crying and generally being useless to the plot and story and other characters.

Favorite Character- Doctor Who

Favourite scene- The Doctor raising the rock as if to kill Za, I want to know more! I must know more about his character in this series! This made it all the more interesting.

I will also be reviewing the next episode The Fire Maker soon, Until next time. Goodbye xxxxx


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