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Halloween is the season of late night frights, candle-lit vegetables and, as it turns out, political incorrectness.

An unimaginably adorable video has been making the social media rounds, showing off a little trick-or-treater's delightfully incongruous costume. Check out the tiny Columbian drug lord below!

Tiny Pablo Escobar Is Ready For Halloween

Little Pablo Escobar runs the biggest fun size Snickers cartel…

Posted by Break on Tuesday, 27 October 2015

But that's nothing compared to some of these other charmingly offensive kids' costumes...

1. Trojan Tot

"If we'd only used one, you wouldn't exist."

2. Bethany Hamilton

"Show me those gnashers."

3. The Adorable Führer

"Just put your hand up like you do in school."

4. Marlboro Reds

"Yes, I am the world's greatest dad."

5. Cruella de Vil

"You said you wanted to kill your brother."

6. Cannabis Cutie

"You make me happy, darling."

7. Suicide Bomber

"If anyone asks, I am not your parent...nor do I know you."

8. Topless Mermaid

"If you dress like this on any other day I'll kill you."

9. Pole Dancer

"This is your future if you don't pay attention in pre-school!"


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