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Quantic Dream, the developers who brought us Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, brings us another PlayStation exclusive! Remember that tech-demo released in 2012 called Kara? The one with the android that we got to know in only seven minutes, and made us all tear up? Well, get ready to bring out the tissues again - Quantic is bringing us a new game based off of Kara, titled Detroit: Become Human!

Need a refresher? Check out the Kara tech-demo below!

Although we were all quite impressed with Kara and wanted to see more, we all wondered where it could possibly go from there. It was quite clear that they had a powerful story to show in those seven minutes, so what would a full-sized game bring us?! Well, wonder no more!

Check out Detroit: Become Human's trailer here!

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a futuristic Detroit, referred to as the "Android City." Providing that the game takes off where the tech-demo ended, we are presumably taking the role of Kara, one of the mass-produced androids. Despite malfunctioning by having what appeared to be human thoughts and feelings, she was allowed to live.

In the trailer, Kara made it clear that she wanted to experience life just like every other human-being by seeing, hearing, and feeling all that life had to offer. Sadly, she quickly discovered that the world wasn't as wonderful as she imagined, and nearly convinced herself that she was nothing more than an obedient machine.

I can't wait to explore this futuristic setting!
I can't wait to explore this futuristic setting!
"But deep inside me, I could feel something different. A gentle and warm whisper telling me that I am alive. I had to escape, I had no choice. Escape to love, to hope, to live. To figure out what that force inside me was. Maybe I will change the world. Maybe I will choose a different path. Now it's up to me to decide."

It seems to be that humans and androids are mostly separated from each other, and that the androids have their own designated spaces. But then there's the exception of Kara, who walks among the humans as equals. Could this be due to her supposed malfunctions? Or perhaps part of a bigger story that we do not currently know about?

Not much else is known about the game at this point in time, but having played Quantic Dream's previous works, I'm sure that this will be a title to watch closely! Detroit: Become Human will be a PS4 exclusive, and currently does not have an estimated release date.

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