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*Warning: Dangerous Waters. Spoilers Lie Ahead.*

King Shark "Nanaue" is a DC supervillain who served as the antagonist to Superboy, but has also been a sidekick/mentor figure to Aquaman in the role of an antihero. Originally a serial killer on the island of Hawaii, Nanaue eventually left after being discovered and bested by Superboy. Written and created by Karl Kesel, Nenaue first appeared in 'Superboy Volume 4' back in 1994; among other abilities, he's known to have incredible strength and endurance.

Since the finale of the Superboy comic books, Nanaue has branched off into the stories of other superheroes, including Aquaman of course -- at which point his backstory was expanded. After his departure from the Superboy comic books it was confirmed that King Shark is in fact the son the shark god, Chondrakha, but he also has a human mother.

The Flash

Season 1 of The Flash television series has a fairly limited role for supervillains. Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse Flash, had a wonderfully well-constructed backstory, and undoubtedly Captain Cold was a character with a lot of depth. However, besides these two characters the series adhered to a well-warn and comfortable narrative structure of "one big bad per one," leaving little time for growth.

Season 2 has so far remained fair constant in mirroring the structure of Season 1, however, it seems they could be expecting on the backstories of villains to a greater extend by bringing in antagonists from the alternate timeline.

Yesterday we we're given a brilliant episode in the form of 'The Fury of Firestorm,' which mainly focused on finding a new half to Dr. Stein's Firestorm persona. However, this story arch mainly existed to build-up the eagerly awaited Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. This is a little disappointing as it seems The Flash and Arrow are focusing on Legend of Tomorrow at the expensive of their own narrative quality.

However, right at the end of 'The Fury of Firestorm' the writers proved they haven't forgotten what show they're writing, as they introduced none other than King Shark.

The enormous half-man, half-shark is yet another supervillain to be sent by Zoom, and he looks truly frightening. The writers really have gone all-out in improving their villains this season.

King Shark proved he was more than a match for an unprepared Flash, lifting him like a doll and seeming quite the over-confident villain.

Fortunately for The Flash, he was saved by an unknown figure, who was quickly revealed to be Harrison Wells from the alternate timeline wielding an awesome tech gun. It's unknown what role, if any, King Shark will play in future episodes, but it's likely he'll be locked away to return at a later date.

One question I have is the following: how do they plan on moving the enormous King Shark? Does Central City Police Department have a crane we haven't seen yet?

Have a look at King Shark in action!


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