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Zoom Is Coming!

By this point we've all heard these words. Zoom is coming, and for a speedster he really is taking his time. I know Zoom slows time, but my joke wouldn't have worked otherwise.

Yes, Zoom is coming and he's brought some friends with him. So far every villain in Season 2 of The Flash has been a Zoom flunkey -- he really seems to be sending all the muscle he can muster at our dear Barry Allen. Between Sand Demon and King Shark -- The Flash really hasn't been having a day at the beach; no, not funny? I'll move on.

Zoom hasn't quite made his debut appearance in the show yet. Fair enough, we did see a blurred Zoom battle the Jay Garrick Flash in a flashback, but besides that the as-yet-unseen antagonist -- unseen by the protagonists anyway -- has been putting as many meta-humans as he can between himself and Barry.

However, we now have access to 'The Flash: Darkness and Light' extended trailer which reveals a clear, close-up shot of Zoom's face. Have you seen it yet? If not I almost guarantee it will become your new geek happy-place!

There we have it Folks -- Zoom, in all his scary glory. Was it what you were expecting? The awesome Grant Gustin sure seems excited about it!

So what is Gustin hiding from us? We've seen Zoom's mask, but who is hiding behind it? Considering the multiverse story arc is now in motion it could literally be anyone!

What Does the Future Hold?

The creators of The Flash are doing a great job at keeping the finer details of the upcoming season a secret from fans, but we can ascertain a reasonable amount from the trailer.

In addition to the image of Zoom, we also hear Barry introducing the alternate-universe Harrison Wells to team Flash. Naturally, this is most likely the real Harrision Wells, rather than Eobard Thawne in disguise... well at least I hope so; it would be embarrassing to fall for the same trick twice.

Based on the reaction of Caitlin and Cisco it looks like they still harbor some negative feelings towards Harrison Wells. I'm sure they'll forgive him when it's pointed out that Harrison Wells was in fact Eobard Thawne from the future, rather than this Harrison who's from a different universe. Okay, breathe... we got there.

The next big reveal is that alternate universe Wells created Zoom! I'm sure that one will be explored in great detail as the season progresses. Wells really needs to stop causing trouble; either that or the show needs to stop using "Wells did it," as an excuse for blaming away bad s**t.

Besides that there wasn't much else, except that Dr. Light is jumping in as the next villain. I'm hoping that she isn't another one-episode deal like many villains from The Flash, but we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

We only have a week to wait until the next episode, which looks like it'll have a lot worth waiting for!

Have a look at the Darkness and Light extended trailer for The Flash!


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