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If you're a fan of superheroes, you're going to love this.

YouTube user UltraSargent recently uploaded a video showing what the trailer for a Justice League: Crisis movie could potentially look like. The fan-made trailer is loosely based on DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline from 1985, which tells the tale of parallel Earths, and how a group of superheroes have to unite in order to defeat their enemy.

In the trailer, this common enemy is the speed-demon Zoom, last seen as the main antagonist in the second season of The Flash.

The trailer was made using footage from various movies and TV shows and features several superheroes, including Batman, The Flash, Supergirl and Superman. The clips have been blended together to make it look like it's all from the same movie.

The trailer is a feast for the eyes for comic book nerds, and has left people wishing it were indeed real. Several people have left their thoughts in form of comments and tweets, and so far they are exclusively positive.

Fan-made trailers are made with varying degrees of quality, but this one has to be one of the best ones out there. Finger's crossed it will be noticed by the people over at DC so they can make this come true!

Source: UltraSargent on YouTube


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