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Greetings once again readers. Today's quick post is coming to you following this shocking and brutal episode of The walking Dead titled "Thank You".

I'm not here to discuss the dramatic final scene, mainly because I'm recovering from a bad case of man-flu and I don't need any more upset in my frail state.

The point, I'm addressing here, is the moment when our favourite former sheriff took on a group of walkers during his marathon sprint through the wilderness.

In the above picture, taken from the episode Rick cut his hand when taking down a small group of walkers. I originally thought he cut his hand on a flick knife that he used on a walker, a knife that subsequently snapped in his hand. But after looking online and speaking to my friends, it would appear that Rick cut his hand on a blade that was impaled through a zombie's neck. A blade that would've been covered in walker blood and guts.

Here is a better look at said zombie.

Given the loss that we all suffered in this episode, fan's all cried out with fear that Rick could be the next to die, or even turn into a walker himself.

The internet was filled with questions like, "Will Rick turn now he has infected blood in his cut?", "Will Rick finally have to chop off his hand?" etc. All these panic stricken questions are completely reasonable considering how unexpected the deaths are on this show. I for one instantly thought the worst, assuming that if you get infected blood in your system, that would mean the end of you.

Even though the show's creators have said that Rick would not lose his hand due to the green screen cost, I thought they could easily be bluffing. I was really mentally preparing myself for another brutal departure or quietly expecting something more akin to the comics themselves.

These events and the huge death of this episode has lead to a horde of questions fired towards the show's actors and creators this week. Everyone is dying to know if the deceased character is really dead and what the cut means for Rick.

But fear not my incredible readers, our friends over at sat down with showrunner Scott Gimple and got a difinitive answer on the matter. He must've been feeling sorry for all of us fans given what happened, here's what he had to say regarding whether or not walker blood in an open wound could prove fatal,

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something definitive: Rick is OK regarding that cut. His hand will survive. There will be a bandage. There will be some ointment involved. But he’s going to walk away from it."

I don't know about you guys and girls, but I'm going to take that comment on board and put my mind at ease. There was no vague or misleading statement or double meaning here, and there was no irritatingly vague "and you will see why" response to end it off.

Just to give you context with how misleading they can be, here's a perfect example of their vague answers. When Gimple was asked whether or not a certain someone was really dead or if they'd return to the team, he responded,

"We'll see Glenn again this season, or some part of him at least."

I mean we all know how well these guys are at throwing us off with the interviews they give. They're keeping their cards pretty close to their chests. So I'm pretty sure he took pity on us in our hour of need and threw us a lifeline.

So for now, my intrepid readers, it would appear that the case of Rick's injured hand has been solved, sheriff Hardie can close up this casebook with peace of mind.

Ricks's fate for now would seem a safe one, or relatively safe in regards to the cut. Because if you saw this episode in question, then you know that he definitely was not safe or out of harm's way come the end scene. But at least the cut won't get him... right?



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