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Let's face it, Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkins. But, without wanting to completely undermine the tradition, they aren't exactly scary, are they?

I mean, is anyone over the age of 5 actually frightened by carved squash plants? Yeah, me neither.

Until now.

Villafane Studios have carved pumpkins like no one has carved pumpkins before, and the results are terrifying.

Below is the best selection of the designs, named by yours truly:

Chubby cheeks

Just to think, all those times I've been proud of managing to carve something that vaguely resembles a human face, and these guys are making things like this. Puts me to shame really.

Lost teeth

Villafane Studios was created in 2004 by Ray Villafane, and as well as pumpkins, they also produce sand art and create creepy toys.

This one would make a good pumpkin punch. Get it...?

I'll get my coat.

Squeeze face

Everyone needs a pumpkin to lean on, don't they?

Knife man

Imagine seeing this on someone's porch. You definitely wouldn't knock for trick or treat...

Maybe he carved himself?

Creepy bench dude

He was having trouble itching his face with his short arms.


This, for me, is the best of the bunch. Even though these are seasonal and apt, the level of skill and precision is incredible!

Notice the likeness from the creepy clip below:

Check out Villafane Studios gallery to see even more cool designs.

Source: Villafane Studios


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