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Is an Evil Dead crossover movie with Bruce Campbell's Ash from the 1981 original and Jane Levy's Mia from the 2013 remake a possibility? At this point, it appears the answer is "no."

This possibility was brought up by director Fede Alvarez in 2013 at Wondercon when he spoke of a possible plan for him to direct an Evil Dead remake sequel with Sam Raimi doing Army of Darkness 2 and for the two characters (Ash and Mia) to meet up in a film after that.

Raimi then followed up this rumor at San Diego Comic-Con with this telling statement:

“After working with Fede Alvarez, who did a terrific job on the Evil Dead remake — we loved that movie and we [are] thinking we should do a team-up eventually of his great heroine and our hero for a joint-Evil Dead reality.”

Sadly, it seems as if that team-up is unlikely, at least anytime soon. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Raimi, Campbell, and Lucy Lawless - who'll be starring in the new TV series.

Raimi's words were as follows:

“That’s something that I said I wanted to see. And I talked to Fede Alvarez, the director of the Evil Dead remake, and even said it at Comic-Con. But the reality is, once you’ve got these showrunners and writers working on this juggernaut, trying to figure out where the season’s going to go, it’s very hard to simultaneously write a combo movie that would fit in with where the series is going to end up at that particular point, and it really would have to coalesce with what the writers are doing in the writers’ room. So even though I said it, realistically, I don’t know how we’d be able to pull it off at this particular moment.”

So, the bottom-line here is that you shouldn't expect to see Jane Levy's Mia show up on Ash vs Evil Dead. This is still a possibility in a crossover film, but at this point that seems unlikely to happen any time soon.


Take a look at the first four minute from Ash vs Evil Dead here!

(Via: EW)


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