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Between A Troll in Central Park, An American Tail, and The Pebble and the Penguin, Don Bluth's animated films were almost as defining as Disney was when it came to revving up that good ol' childhood imagination.

Though I can no longer spend my days sticking beads up my nose and pretending I'm Thumbelina, I've retained a soft spot for Don Bluth and his signature animation style. Which is what makes the news that he's planning his return to the big screen all the more exciting!

Bringing his talents to the 21st century, Bluth has joined longtime partner Gary Goldman to crowdfund a Dragon Lair: The Movie, a full-length feature based on his iconic arcade game.

Dragon Lair promises a return to traditional 2D animation

Princess Daphne via
Princess Daphne via

According to the Kickstarter, the fantasy adventure will bring back Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne, and all the hijinks that made the game such an unforgettable '80s classic.

It seems like it will be a direct recreation of the game's storyline, which should be pretty satisfying for all those kids who spent way too much money at the arcade without ever getting to the end.

He's relying on the Dragon's Lair fan base to make it a reality

Dirk the Daring
Dirk the Daring

Though Bluth has been lending his talents to the theater world these days, he's willing to make a return to animation for the sheer love of this passion project. However, he's hoping that donations will help him amass enough funds to get this project off the ground. Right now, they've gained over $75,000 out of a final goal of $550,000, so they're well on their way to getting Dragon's Lair to a screen near you!

As with all crowdfunded campaigns, this won't come to fruition unless fans get onboard. If you want to return to Dragon's Lair in a big way, consider donating to Bluth and Goldman's Kickstarter here!

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