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Netflix might produce a news programming show in the near future.

Netflix Inc. is just growing and expanding to make its business the biggest in the world. In fact, the company already offers its services to more than 70 million viewers located in 80 countries or more now. Without a doubt, the company has a vigorous expansion plan not only in terms of spreading its global footprints but introducing new entertainment offerings as well to its viewers. It is believed now that the company wants its massive user base to stream the news on its platform.

The company stated that the odds are high for producing its own news programming in the coming times. This was revealed in the third quarter earnings release conference where the Chief Content Officer (CCO) of the company, Ted Sarandos, was asked whether the company is looking to make a move towards news programming in the coming times so that it directly competes with the likes of HBO in the industry. Ted Sarandos did not immediately provide an answer to this question but Reed Hastings was waiting to get to know about it.

The CEO of the company asked Mr. Sarandos, “What's the likelihood that we compete directly with VICE in the next two years?” His reply was that the odds are probably high to try contemplating a move into news programming in the coming years. This seemed like Hastings wanted everyone to know that it can do business in almost every programming vertical.

Regardless of the fact that Sarandos tried to dodge the question at first so that the news does not get to its competitors as of yet, Reed Hastings wanted to indirectly tell the peers and competitors regarding their plans.

However the streaming service provider must know that things have change in almost all verticals and it is not that easy to just produce a hit news programming show. According to Motley Fool, “Gone are the days where we wait around for the nightly news broadcast. If we want to find out what's going on in the world, we open up a web browser or a social media app.”

It added, “We get our news on demand just like we get our Netflix shows. With that in mind, a weekly or nightly Netflix program focused on news could fit perfectly into the new news consumption paradigm. As more people get their news from the Internet, Netflix could be just one more site to check for information and commentary.”


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