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And what a return it would be! Now, allow me to explain my thinking here. The Flash episode 204 was released yesterday, and as well as being an incredible piece of comic book television, it revealed a brand new villain.

Warning: The following paragraphs will contain mild spoilers for The Flash.

So, I'd like you to take a look at that picture back at the top. Notice anything really large in the back? Yeah, that's a guy named King Shark.

Who's he? A shark. A really nasty, psychotic shark. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that he's from Hawaii, and is some sort of mutant. Or in the case of the Arrowverse, an alternate reality meta-human. Either way, he's spent some time working for Amanda Waller. And when he's not been acting as an assassin, he's made life difficult for heroes like Aquaman, the Flash, and anyone else he can get his fins on.

Then we get to last night's episode...and after nearly an hour of awesome, heart-wrenching story, we get this:

As you can see, he's big. And bad. He's also a part of the team sent by Zoom to kill Barry. So it's clear that King Shark is from Earth-2. However, if he gets stuck on Earth-1, who's to say that he won't be picked up by a certain unscrupulous covert organization? As you can see, he's more than fast enough for the Flash, and he could give Arrow a run for his money.

Did I mention he's bulletproof?
Did I mention he's bulletproof?

This to me seems to be a resurgence of the Squad. It's possible that King Shark could one of the nine super-powered characters we've been told will be in an Arrow/Flash crossover. Will we see a return of the Suicide Squad, with the inclusion of King Shark? Be sure to voice your opinion in the comments below!


Will King Shark become a regular Arrowverse villain?


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