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As soon as Glenn appeared to die in The Walking Dead's third episode of the 6th Season (titled "Thank You") the internet exploded. All those memes that said "If Glenn dies we riot" could not prepare us for the uproar that ensued immediately following what appeared to be Glenn's death, as fans who wrote meme-checks cashed in.

Then, as a way to cope with the grief of losing such a beloved character, various theories sprung up all over the internet. Things such as "Glenn wiggles under the dumpster and lives!" and "Glenn is really Jason Todd!" started to permeate the aftermath. Articles were coming out by the dozen all over the internet in an attempt to ease the anguish of the audience at large.

Of all the theories that have come out regarding Glenn's potential to escape, the most plausible is the "camouflage" theory. Glenn still has his knife. Just a few quick slices to the nearest walkers' abdomens would spill walker guts all over him and Nicholas, camouflaging them (as evidenced multiple times on the show, once even by Glenn himself) from the surrounding undead. This theory is decent, but it is no guarantee. How is Glenn going to smear guts on his legs when he is pinned down by the feast? He just isn't at the right angle to give credence to this theory.

One theory is a bit different than the rest and showcases the badass that Glenn has become. Let's have a look at an image of the whole picture here.

Glenn ain't scared...well, maybe a little.
Glenn ain't scared...well, maybe a little.

Think back to Season 2 when T-Dog was bleeding out on the road and Daryl came to his rescue. Daryl stacked twice-dead walkers on top of him and T-Dog to hide them from the rest of the herd - and it worked like a charm!

Remember this scene from Season 2?
Remember this scene from Season 2?

All Glenn really has to do is spike 2 or 3 of the nearest walkers and pull their twice-dead corpses towards him as they topple over. Like a zombie dog-pile, Glenn would be shielded from view and removed from the menu without any of the writers having to compromise the integrity of this scene with a weaker bailout (like someone coming conveniently just in time to save him). Voila!

So fret not fellow fans, Glenn lives! The only question is : how badass is his escape?

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How does Glenn survive?


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