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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

With DC keeping their cinematic and television universes separate, many fans have suggested the idea of exploring the ever-popular comic series Crisis on Infinite Earths. The storyline that brought all of the different DC Earths into one world changed the DC comics universe forever. The death of major characters including Supergirl and The Flash were two of the biggest moments in DC history. Thanks to the internet, we have a Fan-Made trailer that combines all of DC's universes to create Justice League: Crisis! Check it out:

That Trailer Looks AMAZING!

This trailer combines all of DC's universes, past and present. Everything from Christopher Reeve's Superman to Stephen Amell's Green Arrow are resent here! This is exactly what fans want and I definitely think that DC should consider doing a 2 part Crisis on Infinite Earths film and connect all the universes in one! That would be really awesome!

Can a Crisis on Infinite Earths Movie actually happen?

A Crisis on Infinite Earths movie would be a pretty tough one to pull of in all honesty. DC would need to introduce more worlds if they are even going to think about pulling this off. We have seen references to this however in The Flash where they have introduced the idea of Infinite Earths and even introduced The Flash from Earth 2 Jay Garrick. I think that this is something that would work well but again would be very tough. DC would surely have to work their magic and pull some strings. Lets all hope that something similar to Crisis is in the works because it really is one of the best story arcs EVER! Maybe we will get more information as this season of The Flash moves along, lets all keep our fingers infinitely crossed!


Would you like to see a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie?


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