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Gravity Falls has officially entered Weirdmageddon, and we're in for one heck of a rollercoaster ride! Alex Hirsch recently confirmed that S02E18 was just the beginning: we can expect this to just get stranger as this plot continues for at least 2 more episodes of Gravity Falls. But get your tissues ready: after Alex Hirsch hinted on his Twitter months ago that a major character would die, the code from the end of S02E18 heavily implies that one of the Pines family will not survive Season 2!


Actually, this kind of implies that only one member of the Pines family will survive! But that's probably highly unlikely - a full blown massacre of the main characters isn't exactly Disney XD's style. So which of the characters is most likely to die in S02E19? We've actually had a bunch of hints and foreshadowing about this, so let's count out the clues.

Stan Pines: Fiery Death Awaits

Grunkle Stan is definitely the top of the list for People Who Are Probably Going To Die. Most fans have picked up on the ton of foreshadowing Alex Hirsch has heaped on us about Stan's death: every effigy of Stan has been destroyed, usually in a fire, leading many fans to theorize that one day he would meet the same sticky end.

There's also been plenty of other hints that Stan might not be long for this world, like him falling into a coffin and even mentioned his own demise in the episode The Stanchurian Candidate...

"Kids, if I die make sure I get a bigger tombstone than Ford's!"

Suffice to say, there are plenty of hints to imply Stan will be the one to die. He's clearly going to have a big role in upcoming episodes: after making a brief appearance confronting the goat in S02E18, Grunkle Stan ran off and hasn't been seen since.

Stan vs goat
Stan vs goat

This is quite concerning, considering the dangerous situation the residents of Gravity Falls are in, but it's also a bit out of character, as Stan has proved time and again how much he cares about the kids, and it's odd that he doesn't seem to be trying to find them and make sure they're ok. Alex Hirsch (sort of) shed some light on this...

"As was revealed in the first episode of the season, "Scary-oke," Grunkle Stan is aware of magic, mystery, chaos and weirdness and doesn’t exactly care for it. So when the apocalypse happens, to Grunkle Stan it’s less of a reality bending shock and more of a frustrating hassle, which comes with it, concerns about the characters he cares about. I cannot say when, where, or how we’ll see Stan again."

So Stan is worried about his family... and the question remains is how far is he willing to go to protect them?

Death Likelihood Rating: at least 8, oh my goodness. Stan Pines might not be long for this world.

Dipper: (Almost) Teen On A Mission

Ok, Dipper's probably not going to die. He's arguably the protagonist of the show, and it's his curiosity that drives the plot.

Dipper prepares to save the day
Dipper prepares to save the day

Killing him would end the show... unless the characters then have to go on a mission to resurrect him. While this could lay plot for season 3, it's a story that's been done to death by every supernatural themed show out there. And as Wendy said, Dipper has a clear goal: save his sister, save the universe. The next episodes will definitely follow the different stages of Dipper and Mabel's quest to defeat Bill.

Death Likelihood Rating: 1 or less.

Mabel: Fueling Weirdmageddon?

There are tons of theories about Mabel floating around right now, which is understandable considering we have no idea what's going on inside her prison. My personal favorite is the theory that Mabel is actually fueling Weirdmageddon: that Bill is using her life energy to take physical form and generally mess stuff up. This theory revolves around evidence like the pink color of the weirdness wave matching the pink of Mabel's bubble. If this is the case, Mabel could well be dying inside her prison.

However, other fans have pointed out that there are multiple cracks in Mabel's bubble...

Mabel's too much for Bill
Mabel's too much for Bill

Could it be that Mabel is actually breaking out? She's is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and my money's on Mabel kicking some serious butt before the season's out. Plus, considering she's one of the protagonists this also means it's unlikely she'll die.

Death Likelihood Rating: 2 maybe?

Ford: Stuck In Stone

Stanford was removed from the action fairly early on, and as the author of the (now destroyed) journals, it's easy to see why. Ford is just too clever for this story: if he were part of the action this early on, that would take all the energy out of Dipper's mission and crucially, Ford would prevent the much needed team up with Mabel.

It's pretty obvious how ignoring Mabel has fatal consequences: after all, if she'd been included in the plans to stop Bill then she wouldn't have been so easily manipulated by him. But Ford didn't learn from this mistake. The first thing he said to Dipper was that they shouldn't rescue Mabel until they'd defeated Bill. Of course, it's likely that Ford will come back within the next few episodes, as he knows Bill's vital weakness, and there's that "to the ends of the Earth" hint that needs to be revealed. So when Ford returns, will his battle with Bill cost him his life?

Bill traps Ford
Bill traps Ford

It's actually quite likely. The Stan death hints might be a red herring, leading us away from guessing that Ford will die. After all, J.K. Simmons might not be available to voice a main character in Season 3, and it would make a lot of sense for Ford to have an epic final showdown with Bill, sacrificing himself to end the Oddpocalypse.

But this is all speculation. We actually haven't had any hints that this will happen... but maybe that's deliberate!

Death Likelihood Rating: 9.

Of course, as Bill is the one delivering the encoded message, we can't take it as read that a Pines character will definitely die. And as for Alex Hirsch's hint, we've already had one character die this season: the old mayor. So what do you think? Will one of the Pines family die, or is this all just a red herring? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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