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Whether you know him from Riddick, The Fast and the Furious franchise, or his recent fantasy flick The Last Witch Hunter, chances are that you are very familiar with the name Vin Diesel. As such a monumental movie star, Vin has left his mark on a series of successful franchises throughout the years, recently adding Marvel to the list as well. Even though people might know his name, there is still much to be learned about this deep-voiced actor.

He Was Almost Hellboy!

As the first Hellboy movie was being developed, Revolution Studios wanted Vin Diesel to play the titular role. However, director Guillermo Del Toro completely disagreed, and said that he wouldn't direct the film unless they cast Ron Perlman instead.

He Used To Have A Much More Boring Job!

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine Vin Diesel without thinking of speeding cars, flailing swords, and explosions. That wasn't always his life though. He actually used to find work as a telemarketer, where he would sell light bulbs. I guess he still got to show off his voice right?

He Has A Twin Brother!

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Though they don't look that identical from the pictures, Vin Diesel actually has a twin brother named Paul. He works in the film industry as well, but as a film editor rather than a movie star.

He Almost Played A Marvel Villain...

Vin lent his amazing vocal talents as Groot in the hit film Guardians of the Galaxy, but for a while he was considered to voice Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That part was later picked up James Spader, and Vin went on to voice everyone's favorite regenerative tree.

...And A Marvel Hero!

Diesel voiced Groot in 2014, but his first offer from Marvel was long before that, back in 2003. He was offered the part of Daredevil, which he turned down, allowing the part to infamously go to Ben Affleck instead. It seems like Vin really dodged a bullet on that one!

He Is Good Friends With His Fast and Furious co-star!

After working on The Fast and the Furious, Diesel ended up forming friendships with many of his co-stars. One of his strongest friends, Michelle Rodriguez, still remains very close. His kids even refer to her as aunt!

He Is A Big Dungeons & Dragons Fan!

Vin has been a fan of the classic dice-rolling role-playing game for many years now. In fact, he used his D&D character as inspiration for The Last Witch Hunter, his most recent film starring an immortal man cursed to hunt witches for all eternity. That really makes you see the film in a whole new light!

He Starred In a Break-dancing Video!

Even before he started starring in movies, Diesel was on camera. When he was just a teenager, he starred in an instructional break-dancing video, where he showed off his skills to the world!

He Is A Huge Fan Of Steven Spielberg!

Vin Diesel in Saving Private Ryan
Vin Diesel in Saving Private Ryan

After watching Schindler's List, Vin wrote a three-page letter to Steven Spielberg talking about how much he loved that movie and the rest of Spielberg's work. Spielberg was impressed by the letter, so he replied to Vin, asking him to be in his next film, Saving Private Ryan.

He Once Broke Into A Theater!

When Vin was only seven years old, he and some of his friends broke into a theater in order to vandalize it. They didn't get very far before they were stopped by a woman, who changed Vin's life forever.

The woman offered them scripts and twenty dollars each on the basis that they would have to show up everyday after school to learn how to act in their plays. This set off Vin's career as an actor, and at such a young age!

Though Vin may have gotten his start in bulb-selling and break-dancing, he has made his way into an internationally recognizable action star. Quite the transformation huh? It's no surprise, since his mix of charisma and intimidation works magic on the big screen.

You can watch Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter, in theaters now!


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